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* A portion of {{an|Professor Oak}}'s explanation of what was causing the weather disturbance was cut. In it, Professor Oak theorized that life on earth was started by a chemical reaction that began when lightning struck volcanic seawater on the young planet, relating it to the elemental abilities of {{p|Zapdos}}, {{p|Moltres}}, and {{p|Articuno}}. This was likely removed on religious grounds.
* Slowking's "I could use pants" line was originally him stating that trouble was brewing.
* Team Rocket's commentary on the three birds was different: In the original version, they noted that they were very angry, and Meowth suggested they pretend they know nothing. In the dub, Jessie comments she doesn't want to be hit by Moltres, James comments he doesn't want to get hit by ArticunoZapdos, while Meowth mentions he doesn't want to get hit by their poop.
* When Lugia saves everyone with their water pillar, Melody originally recognized the song, but doesn't in the dub.
* Ash expresses shock that Slowking can talk in the dub, while he and the others don't seem to react at all to this discovery in the original version, simply repeating "treasure" back.