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[[File:Sun Moon Z-Move artwork.png|thumb|240px|Artwork for Z-Moves]]
{{MoveResearch|Can transformed Primal Pokémon use a Z-move?}}
A '''Z-Move''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|Z|ゼット}}ワザ''' ''Z-Move'') is a special type of [[move]] introduced in [[Generation VII]] in which a {{pkmn|Trainer}} and their Pokémon's wishes combine to unleash an attack comprising the full power of both. These moves are very powerful, but they can only be used once per {{pkmn|battle}}.
There are three different kinds of Z-Moves: Z-Moves which can be used by any {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, with one Z-Move for each of the 18 [[type]]s; status moves that have been turned into Z-Moves by one of the 18 type-specific Z-Crystals; and Z-Moves that can only be used by specific Pokémon. The Z-Move that a Pokémon can perform depends on the [[Z-Crystal]] it [[held item|holds]]. There are 18 different Z-Crystals that correspond to each of the 18 types, and several others that correspond to specific Pokémon. Z-Moves work by powering up one of the Pokémon's normal moves, so the Pokémon must also know an appropriate move. For the type-related Z-Crystals, the Pokémon must know a move of the same type as the Z-Crystal it is holding. For the Pokémon-specific Z-Crystals, the move required differs for each Pokémon.
A [[Z-Ring]] is also required in order to perform Z-Moves. A Pokémon can only use a Z-Move if its Trainer is wearing a Z-Ring and has the same Z-Crystal the Pokémon is holding. [[Mega Evolution|Mega-Evolved Pokémon]] cannot use Z-Moves, even when holding an appropriate Z-Crystal (such as after {{m|Transform}}). On the other hand, a Pokémon who can Mega-Evolve without a [[Mega Stone]], like {{p|Rayquaza}}, is unable to do so if it's holding a Z-Crystal.
The origins of Z-Power are largely shrouded in mystery. However, information by [[Professor Kukui]] indicates that Z-Power may be related to the energy produced by [[Ultra Wormhole]]s. [[Wicke]] also speculates that [[Lusamine]]'s losing consciousness after fusing with {{p|Nihilego}} in [[Ultra Space]] may have been due to the Z-Power surrounding her. Alolan legends found in the Malie Library also indicate that {{p|Solgaleo}}{{sup/7|S}}/{{p|Lunala}}{{sup/7|M}} gifted the Tapunium Z to the [[guardian deities]] after fighting against them.