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Gan Gogh

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In the present, with the help of {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}, he traveled to the dried up [[Remoraid Lake]], the source of the lights. While there, he used his {{p|Venusaur}} to defeat {{TRT}} after another one of their attempts to steal [[Ash's Pikachu]]. At sunrise, Gan Gogh and the others discovered that the source of the Rainbow Lights was the {{p|Remoraid}} who lived below the lake and came up once every twelve years. In the end, Gan Gogh did not get to paint the Rainbow Lights. However, he was satisfied for having learned their cause and understanding the mystery of the Remoraid.
Despite the fact that he uses crayons for his drawings, he keeps a paint brush behind his ear. In the English dub, he speaks with a French accent.