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|name=Festival Ticket
A '''Festival Ticket''' (Japanese: '''フェスチケット''' ''Festicket'') is an [[item]] introduced in [[Generation VII]].
==In the core series games==
====Passive effect====
Festival Tickets are used to host a mission in [[Festival Plaza]].
====Held item====
{{m|Fling}} fails if the user is holding a Festival Ticket.
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev7|SM}}|A ticket that allows you to host a mission in Festival Plaza.}}
| {{gameabbrev7|SM}}
| [[Festival Plaza]] ({{DL|Festival Plaza|Rank|gift from Sophocles}}, {{DL|Festival Plaza|Haunted houses|haunted houses}}, {{DL|Festival Plaza|Missions|daily from the Dancer by the castle's bridge}})
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{items color light}}|bordercolor={{items color}}
|zh_yue=圓慶票 ''{{tt|Yùhnhing Piu|Festival Ticket}}''
|zh_cmn=圓慶票 / 圆庆票 ''{{tt|Yuánqìng Piào|Festival Ticket}}''
|ko=페스티켓 ''Festicket''
{{Project ItemDex notice}}
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