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#REDIRECT {{search|[[Escapeescape item#Poké]]|the game [[decoration]]s|Pokémon doll}} ''For the plush toy line, see [[Poké Doll (plush)]].''
|name=Poké Doll
|jtrans=Pippi Doll
The '''Poké Doll''' (Japanese: '''ピッピにんぎょう''' ''{{tt|Pippi|Clefairy}} Doll'') is an item introduced in [[Generation I]]. It can be used to [[escape]] from a {{pkmn|battle}} with a [[wild Pokémon]].
==In the core series games==
When used from the [[Bag]] during a {{pkmn|battle}} with a [[wild Pokémon]], it allows the {{player}} to [[escape]] instantly regardless of any factors that would otherwise prevent escape.
In [[Generation I]], exchange one with {{OBP|Copycat|character}} in [[Saffron City]] for {{TM|31|Mimic}}.
In {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, give one to Copycat to have her [[Move Tutor|teach]] {{m|Mimic}} to one Pokémon.
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevss|Stad}}|Use during a battle against a wild Pokémon to make a getaway.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev2|GSC}}|Use to escape from a wild <sc>Pokémon</sc>.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev3|RSE}}|Use to flee from any battle with a wild <sc>Pokémon</sc>.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevss|Colo}}{{gameabbrevss|XD}}|An item brought over from a faraway place.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev3|FRLG}}|An attractive doll. Use it to flee from any battle with a wild <sc>Pokémon</sc>.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev4|DPPtHGSS}}<br>{{gameabbrev5|BWB2W2}}|A doll that attracts Pokémon. Use it to flee from any battle with a wild Pokémon.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev6|XYORAS}}<br>{{gameabbrev7|SM}}|A doll that attracts the attention of a Pokémon. It guarantees escape from any battle with wild Pokémon.}}
| {{gameabbrev1|RBY}}/{{gameabbrev1|RGBY}}
| [[Celadon Department Store]]
| {{gameabbrev2|GSC}}
| [[Goldenrod Department Store]], [[Celadon Department Store]], [[Mt. Moon Square]]<br>{{rt|43|Johto}} (gift from {{tc|Picnicker}} Tiffany){{sup/2|C}}
| {{gameabbrev3|RSE}}
| {{gameabbrev3|FRLG}}
| [[Celadon Department Store]]
| {{gameabbrev4|DPPt}}
| [[Team Galactic HQ]]{{sup/4|Pt}}
| [[Veilstone Department Store]]
| {{gameabbrev4|HGSS}}
| [[Goldenrod Department Store]], [[Celadon Department Store]], [[Mt. Moon Square]]<br>{{rt|43|Johto}} (gift from {{tc|Picnicker}} Tiffany)
| {{gameabbrevss|PW}}
| {{pw|Resort}}
| {{gameabbrev5|BW}}
| [[Black City]]{{sup/5|B}} (Jacques)
| {{gameabbrev5|B2W2}}
| [[Shopping Mall Nine]]
| [[Accumula Town]] (daily, show the {{tc|Youngster}} a Pokémon with the requested [[List of Pokémon by height|height]])<br>[[Big Stadium and Small Court]] (defeat {{tc|Preschooler}} Mia)
| {{gameabbrev6|XY}}
| [[Laverre City]] (daily, ×2, show the man and the {{tc|Lass}} a Pokémon with the requested [[List of Pokémon by height|height]])
| {{gameabbrev6|ORAS}}
| [[Lilycove Department Store]]<br>{{rt|103|Hoenn}} (30% chance after rematch with {{tc|Twins}} Amy & Liv)
| {{gameabbrev7|SM}}
| [[Hau'oli City]]
RG Poké Doll.png|Poké Doll artwork from [[Generation I]]
==In spin-off games==
[[File:PP2 Plush.png|thumb|100px|The Poké Doll in PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond]]
===PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond===
The Poké Doll, simply known as "Plush" in-game, makes an appearance in [[PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond]] as a gift item found inside crates. It can be given to Pokémon to make them happier, or can be used to distract certain Pokémon from running away. Instead of Clefairy, these Dolls represent {{p|Cleffa}}, but were also translated to English as Poké Doll (Japanese: '''ピィにんぎょう''' ''{{tt|Py|Cleffa}} Doll'').
==In the anime==
[[File:Poké Doll anime.png|thumb|250px|A Poké Doll in the anime]]
A Poké Doll appeared in ''[[SM029|Lulled to La-La Land!]]'' under {{an|Lillie}}'s belongings.
==In the manga==
[[File:Poké Doll Adventures.png|thumb|left|150px|A Poké Doll in Pokémon Adventures]]
[[File:Poké Doll PM.png|thumb|150px|A Poké Doll in Pokémon Pocket Monsters]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In ''[[PS022|A Hollow Victreebel]]'', {{adv|Red}} used a Poké Doll to escape from a group of {{p|Victreebel}} that were trying to eat him in the {{safari|Kanto}}.
===In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga===
{{TP|Red|Clefairy}} used a Poké Doll as a substitute for himself in ''[[PM022|Part-Time Job At The Swimming Pool!!]]''. Since then, it became Clefairy's signature item, mostly relying on it to decoy himself or flee from any battle.
==In the TCG==
[[File:ClefairyDollBaseSet70.jpg|thumb|200px|Poké Doll]]
{{main|Clefairy Doll (Base Set 70)}}
The Poké Doll was introduced as a {{TCG|Trainer card}} in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] during the English Original Series (the Japanese Original Era) in the {{TCG|Base Set}} expansion. The English language release of the card uses the English equivalent of the Japanese name, Clefairy Doll.
Play Clefairy Doll as if it were a {{DL|Appendix:Glossary (TCG)|Basic Pokémon}}. While in play, Clefairy Doll counts as a Pokémon (instead of a Trainer card). Clefairy Doll has no attacks, can't retreat, and can't be [[Special Condition (TCG)|Asleep, Confused, Paralyzed, or Poisoned]]. If Clefairy Doll is Knocked Out, it doesn't count as a Knocked Out Pokémon. The player may discard Clefairy Doll at any time during their turn before their attack.
* The {{key|IV|Lost Item}} that must be returned to the {{OBP|Copycat|character}} in exchange for the [[Magnet Train]] {{key|IV|Pass}} in [[Generation]]s {{gen|II}} and {{gen|IV}} is implied to be the same Poké Doll given to her to obtain {{TM|31|Mimic}} in Generations {{gen|I}} and {{gen|III}}.
* Due to [[List of glitches in Generation I#Ghost Marowak glitch|a glitch]] in the [[Generation I]] games, Poké Dolls can also be used to bypass the [[Marowak (ghost)|ghost Marowak]] in [[Pokémon Tower]]; this glitch was fixed in [[Generation III]].
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{items color light}}|bordercolor={{items color}}
|zh_yue=皮皮玩偶 ''{{tt|Pèihpèih Wuhnngáuh|Clefairy Doll}}'' {{tt|*|RGBY Guide}}<br>皮皮公仔 ''{{tt|Pèihpèih Gūngjái|Clefairy Doll}} {{tt|*|EToP}}
|zh_cmn=皮皮玩偶 ''{{tt|Pípí Wán'ǒu|Clefairy Doll}}'' {{tt|*|Games, Adventures, PM008}}<br>皮皮娃娃 ''{{tt|Pípí Wáwá|Clefairy Doll}}'' {{tt|*|PM009, PM014}}<br>皮皮的娃娃 ''{{tt|Pípí-de Wáwá|Clefairy's Doll}} {{tt|*|Pokémon Pocket Monsters (Ching Win edition)}}
|ko=삐삐인형 ''Ppippi Inhyeong''
|es=Poké Muñeco
|vi=Búp bê Pippi
==External links==
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