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'''Nana''' (Japanese: '''NANA''' ''Nana'') is a {{p|Mightyena}} that {{adv|Ruby}} owns in [[Pokémon Adventures]] and one of his [[starter Pokémon]]. Nana was given to Ruby by his father, [[Norman]]. She is level 69, her [[Characteristic]] is "strongly defiant", and is used in {{OBP|Cool|condition}}ness {{pkmn|Contest}}s.
==={{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}===
[[File:Nana Poochyena.png|thumb|left|150px|Nana asAs a Poochyena]]
Prior to the start of the series Nana was given to {{adv|Ruby}} as a Poochyena as a {{pkmn2|gift}} from his father, [[Norman]]. One day when Ruby was playing with {{adv|Sapphire}} a {{TP|Zinnia|Salamence}} attacked them and Ruby sent out Nana, [[Kiki]], and [[Rara]] to fend it off. The three managed to scare it away, but Ruby got injured in the process, which scared Sapphire. Because of this incident Ruby decided to never battle in front of people again.