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'''Troppy''' (Japanese: '''とろろ''' ''Tororo''), known as '''Pilo''' in [[Chuang Yi]]'s translations, is a {{p|Tropius}} that {{adv|Sapphire}} owns in [[Pokémon Adventures]] and one of her first Pokémon. Troppy was given to Sapphire by her father, [[Professor Birch]]. As of ''[[PS266|It All Ends Now VII]]'', he is level 56 and his [[Characteristic]] is "alert to sounds."
==={{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}===
[[File:Sapphire and Troppy.png|thumb|left|200px|SapphireTroppy and TroppySapphire]]
Prior to the start of her {{pkmn|journey}}, Sapphire received Troppy from her father, [[Professor Birch]], as a means for aerial travel. Troppy first appeared in the end of ''[[PS213|Bubble Bubble Toil and Azumarill II]]'', as a way to quickly get up [[Mt. Chimney]] in order to chase [[Team Aqua]]. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, Sapphire spots Team Aqua's machine and has Troppy attack with {{m|Razor Leaf}} to scatter the Team Aqua Grunts below. Before they can attack the machine itself though [[Aqua Admin Amber|Amber]] interferes with his {{p|Pelipper}}'s {{m|Hydro Pump}}. As Troppy and Pelipper battle in the sky, [[Shelly]] urges [[Professor Cozmo]] to set up the meteorite inside the machine as fast as possible. [[Flannery]] tells Sapphire to get past Amber and go for the machine, but Sapphire says she can't as Amber is feinting, pretending to fight badly and staying defensive, only attacking when they head for the machine in order to keep them at a distance. Unable to get in close range, Sapphire orders Troppy to use {{m|Magical Leaf}}, an attack that never misses. Unfortunately, it hits the machine just after Cozmo finishes setting up the meteorite, so the machine's defenses block the attack.