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{{AnimePokémonInfobox |
nickname=DollarCent |
jnickname=ダラー |
tmnickname=Dollar |
image=[[File:Sun Meowth AdventuresCent.png|200px170px]] |
caption=Sun’s Meowth |
location=Unknown[[Alola]] |
gender=Male |
pokemonname=Meowth |
nature=Quirky |
media=special |
epnum=PASM01 |
epname=The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun |
prevonum=052A |
current=[[Party|With Sun]] |
'''DollarCent''' (Japanese: '''ダラー''' “Dollar”''Dollar'') is an [[Regional variant|Alolan]] {{p|Meowth}} that {{adv|Sun}} owns in [[Pokémon Adventures]] and his [[starter Pokémon]]. He is level 4959 and his [[Characteristic]] is "somewhat stubborn."
[[File:Sun Dollar and EnCent.png|thumb|150px200px|left|DollarCent and Sun]]
DollarCent first appeared in ''[[PASM01|The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun]]'', battlingwhere he was used to againstbattle a grouppair of {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}'s that had attacked {{padv|SalanditMoon}}. He easilyfaced blockedthe allGrunts' of their attacks{{p|Salandit}} and finishedeasily themdefeated offthem with {{m|Pay Day}}. [[PASM02|Later]] that day, Sun ranand Moon were attacked intoby {{p|Tapu Koko}}, who began attacking the group. Sun sent Dollarout Cent and {{padv|Litten|EnDollar}} out to fightbattle andTapu Koko, but the two immediately beginstarted fighting each other instead. TheyAfter soongetting figuredserious, outDollar theykept neededTapu toKoko focus on their opponent and En attackeddistracted with {{m|Ember}}, whileallowing DollarCent usedto strike with Pay Day. WhileThough it seemed like theirthe attacks seemingly did nothing, Tapu Koko endedfled, upleaving behind a [[Sparkling Stone]] in the fleeingprocess.
In ''[[PASM06|The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer]]'', DollarCent iswas used to battle [[Guzma]]'s {{p|Masquerain}}in atthe thesecond round of an [[Iki Town]] festival tournament. UsingAfter theDollar was defeated by Guzma's {{mp|Water SportMasquerain}}, thatCent Masquerainwas previouslysent used,out Dollar beginsto splashingreplace the Eyeball Pokémonit. TheCent waterwon causesby covering Masquerain's antennaewings towith getwater wetfrom andits own {{m|Water Sport}}, leaving it beginsunable to losefly altitude.and Dollarvulnerable thento swiftlybe defeatshit it withby {{m|Night Slash}}. HeAfterward, nextGuzma battlesswitched in his {{p|Golisopod}}, who hits Dollar with {{m|First Impression}} andwhich proceedsproceeded to beatattack theCent Scratch Cat Pokémon uprelentlessly. TheWhen battleGolisopod's seemstrash-covered over,claws but Dollar gets back up enraged thatdirtied the coin on hisCent's head, gotit dirty.flew Heinto attacksa furiously with his clawsrage and defeatsfuriously itdefeated with Pay DayGolisopod, winningallowing Sun theto battle.move Into the [[PASM07|finals]]next Dollar faces off against [[Gladion]]'s {{p|Type: Null}}. Dollar attacks with a Night Slash that easily gets blocked by Type: Null's helmet and is then immediately defeated by {{m|X-Scissor}}round.
<!--In ''[[PASM08-->UponPASM07|The arrivingFinal onMatch [[Akalaand Island]]a SunSurprising meets [[LanaFinale!]]'', [[Kiawe]],Cent andwas [[Mallow]],used theto battle [[Trial CaptainGladion]]s ofin Akala. Unsure if hethe isfinal worthyround of taking the Islandtournament. ChallengeIt Kiawewent sendsup outagainst his AlolanGladion's {{TP|KiaweGladion|Marowak}}Type: to battle Sun while Sun chooses Dollar. Marowak attacks with {{m|Flame WheelNull}}, andbut thewas flameeasily begins chasing Dollardefeated, leavingforcing him wide openSun to {{m|Shadowswitch Bone}}.it Decidingout to ignore the flames to focus on the bonefor Dollar counters with {{m|Feint Attack}}. The battle is then called off as Kiawe makes a phone call, but Sun and Kiawe agree that Dollar would have won after using {{m|Assurance}}.
In ''[[PASM08|Going Ashore and Neighboring Akala Island]]'', upon arriving on [[Akala Island]], Sun met [[Lana]], [[Kiawe]], and [[Mallow]], the [[Trial Captain]]s of Akala. Unsure if he was worthy of taking the Island Challenge, Kiawe challenged Sun to a battle. Sun agreed and used Cent to battle Kiawe's {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}}. Cent was initially bewildered by Marowak's ability to manipulate its flames, but managed to land a hit after Sun told Cent to ignore the flames. The battle was called off after Kiawe decided to call his boss at the {{DL|Royal Avenue|Thrifty Megamart}} and apologize for leaving work without telling anyone.
In ''[[PASM10|Defeat and the Commander of the School of Fish]]'', Cent was used in Sun's first trial, which was to fight against the [[Totem Pokémon]] of [[Brooklet Hill]], a {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Wishiwashi|School Form}} {{p|Wishiwashi}}. Due to its immense size and strength, the Totem Wishiwashi was a tough opponent. Cent managed to defeat it after Sun instructed it to hit Quarter, the main Wishiwashi located in the left eye. After dodging its attacks, Cent closed in on Quarter's location and attacked it. The attack forced the Totem to separate back into its component Solo Form Wishiwashi, giving Sun the victory.
In [[PASM19]], Cent, along with the rest of Sun's team, helped rescue Moon from an attacking {{p|Xurkitree}} at [[Po Town]]. By combining their attacks, they managed to knock Moon from Xurkitree's grasp, though Xurkitree immediately retaliated by smacking them away onto a nearby car.
In [[PASM20]], Cent was used alongside {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}}'s {{p|Mismagius}} to battle a {{p|Blacephalon}} that had been summoned to Po Town. Cent slashed at Blacephalon and appeared to decapitate it, only for the Fireworks Pokémon to reveal it is capable of safely detaching its head at will. Cent managed to distract Blacephalon long enough for Mismagius to stun it with {{m|Phantom Force}}, allowing Anabel to try and capture it, only to fail. Blacephalon attempted to counterattack with its {{m|Mind Blown}}, but was blown away by {{p|Tapu Bulu}}'s {{m|Whirlwind}}, saving everyone in the process.
In [[PASM29]], Cent was used alongside the rest of Sun and Moon's teams to assist [[Nebby|Lunala]] against {{p|Necrozma}}, but was stopped by [[Lusamine]]'s {{p|Naganadel}}.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Dollar and EnCent.png|thumb|150px|right|DollarCent and EnDollar fighting]]
Typical of his species Dollar is sophisticated, aloof, and unconcerned with how others are doing. He isWhile a competent battler, asCent he is abletends to parrybe attacks with easesluggish and quicklylazy finishwhenever battles.doing Whenanything out of battle Dollar is very sluggish and lazyelse. Due to being descended from royalty, DollarCent is very prideful and will fly into a violent rage if the coin on his head is dirtied. Cent and Dollar hashave a strainedmutual relationshipdislike withfor {{p|Litten|En}}one andanother; if sent out at the same time, they will attackimmediately himbegin wheneverfighting giveneach other instead of the chanceopponent.
==Moves used==
{{anmov/h|dark||Sun Cent {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 3}}|0=Meowth Pay Day|1=Dollar Night Slash|2=Dollar Feint Attack}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 3}}|0=Pay Day|1=Night Slash|2=Feint Attack}}}}
{{anmov|Normal|Pay Day|PASM01|PASM01The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun}}
{{anmov|Dark|Night Slash|PASM06|PASM06The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer}}
{{anmov|Dark|Feint Attack|SunPASM08|Going &Ashore Moon chapter (Adventures)|Sunand &Neighboring MoonAkala chapterIsland}}
{{anmov|Dark|Assurance|SunPASM08|Going &Ashore Moon chapter (Adventures)|Sunand &Neighboring MoonAkala chapterIsland{{tt|*|Mentioned only}}}}
* DollarCent is the first [[Regionalregional variant]] to be owned by a [[Pokédex holder]].
|ダラー ''Dollar''
|From ''{{wp|Dollar|dollar}}.'' Alsoand a pun onof だらだら ''daradara'', (sluggish)
|- style="background:#FFF"
|From ''{{wp|Cent (currency)|cent}}'', a currency that is nearly worthless on its own
|- style="background:#FFF"
|From ''grisbi'' (slang term for cash) and ''gris'' (gray)
|- style="background:#FFF"
|From ''Moos'' (slang term for cash; moss)
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