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Levels: I definitely didn't get 10 Revives... I never remember to screenshot fast enough on my phone, but I'm relatively sure of the rest of lv 6
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Prior to February 16, 2017, levels above 8 that award [[Nanab Berry|Nanab Berries]] or [[Pinap Berry|Pinap Berries]] instead awarded [[Razz Berry|Razz Berries]]. Prior to June 20, 2017, levels below 8 that award Nanab Berries did not award any Berries.
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|[[File:GO Poké Ball.png|24px|link=Poké Ball#Poké Ball]]×15 [[File:GO Potion.png|24px|link=Potion#Potion]]×10 [[File:GO Revive.png|24px|link=Revive#Revive]]×10×5 [[File:GO Egg Incubator.png|24px|link=Egg Incubator]]×1
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