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Back at his shop, Ed wonders about the lock picking incident, claiming that only he and his apprentice should be able to pick his locks. In a forest, Locke proclaims that he would now have to accept that the Master Thief is good at lock picking, and thanks Lefty for its help. Their conversation is interrupted by {{TRT}}, when [[James]] throws a device at Locke, bounding his arms. Locke explains that he does not have the gem they might be looking for, adding that he only picks locks and does not steal. The trio shrug him off, saying that they have business with him and his Binacle instead.
When morning sets in, the group sets off to look for Locke and Lefty, but is confused on where to start looking. Clemont sees this as the perfect opportunity to introduce his [[List of Clemont's inventions|Binacle Finder]], informing that once attached with Righty, it will find a Binacle with the exact bio-metric data. The inventions seems to be working and the group sets on their search. At the [[Pokémon Center]], Team Rocket forces a bound Locke to pick the door lock, so that they may steal the Pokémon. Locke agrees, much to Lefty's shock, and asks the trio to set him free so that he can uses his hands freely for lock picking. Once free, he seems to be following their orders but instead has Lefty use {{m|Brick Break}} on {{MTR}}. He confirms that he will never steal and runs away with his Pokémon. A displeased [[Jessie]] and [[James]] send out {{TP|Jessie|Gourgeist}} and {{TP|James|Inkay}} respectively to attack with {{m|Seed Bomb}} and {{m|Psybeam}}. Dodging the attacks, Locke runs into [[Nurse Joy]] and asks her to contact [[Officer Jenny]] to tell her about the [[Pokémon Center]] thieves. However, Team Rocket catches up to them, and Team Rocket commands Inkay's {{m|Psybeam}} and Gourgeist's {{m|Seed Bomb}} to accidentally blow up a generator to the Pokémon Center, blasting offthemselves Teamand Rockettheir Pokémon off in the process and initiating a fire. The group also notices the fire, and Clemont states that his device also points to the Pokémon Center.
A concerned [[Nurse Joy]] tries to enter the ablaze Pokémon Center, but Locke stops her, deeming it to be quite dangerous. The groups reaches the spot and Righty gets excited at seeing Lefty. Ash explains Righty's excitement to Locke, but Locke decides that the fire deserves most importance. He suggests Nurse Joy to contact the fire department while he himself, with his Lefty, decides to enter the Pokémon Center to retrieve the [[Poké Ball]]s. As he sets off, the fire intensifies, causing Ash to sent out {{TP|Ash|Greninja}} to use {{m|Water Shuriken}} and put out the fire. Bonnie has Righty use {{m|Water Gun}}, while Ash, Serena and Clemont manually decide to douse the fire. Squishy seems curious, as Locke passes through the fire, reaches the door and picks the lock to enter the building. Once inside, Locke and Lefty put all the [[Poké Ball]]s in a cart; the fire outside, however, moulds the structure of the lock, leaving Locke and Lefty, along with the Pokémon, trapped inside. He shouts for help, and Righty decides to go to Ed for help, carrying Bonnie alongside it. Locke tries to pick the lock open but starts coughing due to the smoke. Ed reaches the scene, and despite a fireman's warning, decides to go to the door to save his apprentice. Keyes and Lefty, still coughing from the smoke, are contacted by Ed, and as they try to pick the lock, Locke, feeling apologetic and concerned in case he dies from the fire, accepts that he is indeed Master Thief Keyes, an alias he had assumed to gain acknowledgement from Ed. Ed, however, orders him to be quiet and just work his hands and reveals that he knew about it all along, explaining that only two people - he himself and Locke - are able to pick the former's locks. Praising the Master Thief, Ed claims that he is a fine locksmith, something which overwhelms him. After some efforts, the door opens and Ed, Locke and Binacle rush off to safety, with Locke commenting that they did quite well indeed.