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In the anime
In ''[[XY129|Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!]]'', Xerosic and several Grunts sitting in the driver's seat of a truck outside the [[Lumiose Gym]], contacted Lysandre through a Team Flare Admin's Holo Caster. Afterwards, he was seen inside the Lumiose Gym, where he and some Team Flare Grunts set up some of their equipment that they transported from the trucks that they drove in, including glass cases that held Z2 and some Zygarde Cells.
In ''[[XY131|Down to the Fiery Finish!]]'', he used Team Flare's Mega Evolution energy weapon to take control of Z2, causing it to unleasheunleash massive roots thorugh [[Lumiose City]]. DuringtheDuring the crisis, Xerosic remained in the Lumiose Gym, overseeing Team Flare's operation and operating the Mega Evolution energy weapon, and [[XY133|eventually]] succeeded in controlling Squishy as well.
When {{an|Clemont}} and [[Clembot]] managed to infiltrate into the Gym in ''[[XY134|The Right Hero for the Right Job!]]'', Xerosic was challenged by Clemont to a battle for the Lumiose Gym. He was also told that his machine was not an invention, since inventions should help people and Pokémon, infuriating him. During the battle, Clembot secretly began disabling the Mega Evolution ray. When Xerosic was defeated, he finally took notice of Clembot deactivating the machine. As he was running towards Clembot, however, he was sent tumbling down a trapdoor, ejecting him out of the Lumiose Gym.