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Errors: Missing lipstick is not notable
* In the scene where {{p|Munna}} emits its [[Dream Mist]], {{an|Cilan}}'s eyes are drawn with visible sclera. This error is repeated when Ash and {{ashfr}} confront Team Rocket at the [[Dreamyard]], and when Cilan is saying goodbye to [[Chili]] and [[Cress]].
* When Munna emits its Dream Mist, {{Ash}}'s eyes are drawn in their original style. This error is repeated when the group confronts Team Rocket at the Dreamyard.
* When Ash and his friends confront Team Rocket at the Dreamyard, Officer Jenny's lipstick is missing.
* In the scene where Ash receives the Trio Badge, Chili and Cress are not wearing their aprons. However, in the next scene, they are now wearing them.
File:Dream_Mist_anime.png|Cilan and Ash's eyes error
File:BW006_error_3.png|Cilan's eyes,and Ash's eyes, and Officer Jenny's lipstick errors
File:Cilan eyes.png|Cilan's eyes second error