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Icy Wind (move)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{movemanga|type=ice|exp=yes|gen=The user swipes the air and a freezing wind comes out.|image1=Silver Sneasel Icy Wind.png|image1p=Sneasel|image2=Silver Weavile Icy Wind.png|image2p=Weavile|image3=ChumeeKeldemaru Icy Wind.png|image3p=SmoochumKeldeo|image4=Masked Man Delibird Icy Wind.png|image4p=Delibird}}
{{movep|type=ice|ms=215|pkmn=Sneasel|method=Sneasel slashes the air in front of it and a freezing wind with sparkles in it comes out and freezes the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=ice|user=Silver's Sneasel|startcode=PS093|startname=Sneasel Sneak Attack|notes=Debut}}
{{movep|type=ice|ms=461|pkmn=Weavile|method=Weavile opens its mouth and releases a cold and powerful wind from its mouth at the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=ice|user=Silver's Weavile|startcode=PS446|startname=Weavile Wobbles But It Won't Fall Down}}
{{movep|type=ice|ms=238647|pkmn=SmoochumKeldeo|method=SmoochumKeldeo releases a coldbeam windof with ice crystals in itenergy from its mouthfront hooves at the opponent, freezing it.}}
{{movebtmManga|type=ice|user=Crystal (Adventures)Keldemaru|user1=CrystalBlake's ChumeeKeldemaru|startcode=PS455|startname=All About Arceus IVPS533}}
===In the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl manga===