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Dragon Ascent (move)

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Other effects
===Other effects===
The player can [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] any Rayquaza that knows Dragon Ascent. Rayquaza cannot Mega Evolve if it is [[Held item|holding]] a [[Z-Crystal]] or gotknows the move only through {{m|Mimic}}. In {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}, no Rayquaza can Mega Evolve until the Rayquaza in the [[Delta Episode]] has been caught.
Dragon Ascent does not exist in the game data of {{g|X and Y}}. As a result, a Pokémon knowing Dragon Ascent cannot be traded from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to Pokémon X and Y, and if a Pokémon in [[Pokémon Bank]] knows the move it cannot be withdrawn in Pokémon X and Y. In order to be transferred to Pokémon X and Y, the Pokémon must forget Dragon Ascent.