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Pokémon Trading Card Game (game)

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Regional differences: - Added VC variant of Jynx
==Regional differences==
{{incomplete|2=Image[[File:TCG1 ofB37 LightJynx.png|thumb|left|Dark Purple backgroundpurple Jynx card from Virtual Console release}}]]
[[File:TCG1 B37 Jynx VC.png|thumb|DarkLight purple Jynx]]
Booster pack images were changed between localizations to reflect the art style used for booster packs by region. The title screen was changed between the Japanese and international releases. The [[Super Game Boy]] border in international releases removes the writing of ''Pokémon • Trading • Card • Game •'' on the Poké Balls. The back of Pokémon cards was changed in international releases to the design used on the back of cards outside of Japan.