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** Ash also lost battles with [[Frontier Brain]]s during the Battle Frontier arc of the anime, losing once to {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}}, and twice to {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}.
* Ever since facing [[Wattson]] in ''[[AG040|Watt's with Wattson?]]'', Ash has not won a Gym [[Badge]] in the same episode in which he meets the [[Gym Leader]].
===Character Reset===
A trait which Ash and Pikachu possesses, at the start of a new [[Series|anime series]] for Pokémon, in which the main character undergoes a reset. The character reset is usually quite subtle, with him losing knowledge and experience in either adventuring or Pokémon. For example by the start of a new series, Ash might make rookie mistakes in battle, such as sending out a Pokémon with a disadvantageous [[Type|typing]] against his opponent (as seen in ''[[EP118|Double Trouble Header]]''); or during his travels he would forget certain things like packing food for his journey (as seen in ''[[AG004|You Can Never Taillow]]''). In the early series, one of the most prominent signs was Ash pulling out his [[Pokédex]] to analyze Pokémon he's already encountered. Furthermore, strategies and techniques Ash came up with in one series do not carry on the next, such as the [[Counter Shield]], a powerful original move he created in the [[Diamond & Pearl series]], never makes a repeat by his hands. The character reset is most noticeable between the end of the [[XY series]] and the beginning of he [[Sun & Moon series]], where the maturity that Ash has built up by the end of his journey in [[Kalos]] completely disappears by the time he visits [[Alola]]. However, the most prominent sign of the character reset lies with Pikachu, who undergoes a drastic drop in power, as seen by the end of each series where he is capable of beating a [[Pseudo-legendary Pokémon]] or even a [[Legendary Pokémon]] by himself, but by the beginning of a new series has trouble battling a new [[Starter Pokémon]].
These resets, though redundant to long time fans of the series, are most likely in place to allow the anime series continuity. They both give room for Ash to grow, as well as allow a reintroduction to the [[Pokémon world]] for new fans of the series.