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In the anime
Revival Herbs played a major role in ''[[BW059|Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 1]]'' and ''[[BW060|Part 2]]''. [[Clay]] offered to accept {{Ash}}'s challenge for a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} in case he brought him some Revival Herbs. First, Ash and {{ashfr}} searched for them from the {{DL|Driftveil City|Market|Driftveil Market}}, but were able to find only a single, already preordered Herb, forcing them to go to [[Milos Island]] in order to get new ones. Unfortunately, when they arrived there, they found out that all the Herbs on the island had died out due to the lack of rain. Ash and his friends met a young man named [[Lewis]], who told them about a legend of a {{p|Tornadus}}, {{p|Thundurus}}, and {{p|Landorus}}. The first two had almost destroyed the island with their fight once, only to be stopped by Landorus, who had been healed from its battle injuries by a shrine maiden and her {{p|Gothorita}} with a Revival Herb. As a sign of gratitude, Landorus had turned the island into a fertile paradise, blooming with Revival Herbs.
After Ash and his friends had saved the {{an|Forces of Nature}} from being caught by [[Team Rocket]], effectively repeating the story of the legend in the process, the three [[Legendary Pokémon]] restored the island back to its fertile state, allowing Ash to get plenty of Revival Herbs for Clay. They were delivered to the [[Driftveil City]] [[Gym Leader]] at the beginning of ''[[BW061|Battling the King of the Mines!]]'', where Clay kept his promise and agreed to have a Gym battle with Ash in exchange for bringing him the Herbsherbs.
In ''[[SS026|Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening]]'', {{un|Anna}} gave {{un|Oscar}}'s {{p|Stoutland}} a small bottle of Revival Herb potion to be taken to {{OBP|Mewtwo|Best Wishes series}}. However, once Stoutland found Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokémon refused to take the medicine, saying it didn't want any help from [[human|people]].
In ''[[XY017|A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!]]'', [[Sanpei]] offered a pill made out of Energy Root to Ash after his [[Ash's Froakie{{AP|Froakie]]}} had lost to him in battle. The remedy proved instantly effective, though Froakie greatly disliked the bitter taste.
Multiple Revival Herbs appeared in [[SM035]], where Ash and {{an|Mallow}} collected them to be used as ingredients for the "{{isl|Akala}} Curry". Later, they used a couple of the herbs to heal {{pkmn2|Totem}} {{p|Lurantis}} and its ally {{p|Castform}} after Ash's [[Island challenge|trial]] against it. Out of curiosity, {{AP|Litten}} also took a taste of the herbs and, like Castform, found its bitter taste unpleasant.
==In the TCG==