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{{incompletebulbanews/10|sectionPokémon X and Y demo unveils title screen, various game elements|When/where/howSpecial theversion of Pokémon X and Y to be playable at 12 Aeon Malls|Pokémon X and Y demo wasto be playable at Takashimaya stores in Japan|Pokémon X and Y demo version will be playable on various dates in Korea|Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable at HomePlus, Emart in South Korea|Pokémon X and Y demo event to be at Lotte Mart, Homeplus|Pokémon X and Y will be playable at Gamescom in Germany|Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable in Australia and Switzerland|Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable at PAX Prime|Pokémon X and Y demo to be featured on Nintendo Experience Tour}}
In the [[Pokémon X demo, the player is {{ga|Calem}}; in the Pokémonand Y demo, the player is {{ga|Serena}}. The playerdemo starts with a random level 30 [[Kalosversion]] [[starterof Pokémon]], {{p|Helioptile}},X and {{p|Sylveon}}.Y [[Pokémon-Amie]]were isplayable constantlyat presentseveral onevents theworldwide touchprior screen whileto the playergames' is in the overworld. Pokémon do not gain [[experience]] in the demorelease.
* In Japan, the demo version were first playable on the [[Pokémon Game Show]] event, which was held in the {{wp|Tokyo Big Sight}} in {{wp|Tokyo}} on August 17 and 18, 2013.<ref>[ Pokémon Game Show -] (archive)</ref> The demo events were also available at 12 different {{wp|AEON (company)|ÆON Mall}}s in various cities between August 20 and September 1, 2013<ref>[] (archive)</ref> and 7 different {{wp|Takashimaya}} stores in various cities between August 31 and October 6, 2013.<ref>[] (archive)</ref>
* In {{pmin|South Korea}}, the events were available at the {{wp|Starfield COEX Mall|COEX Mall}} in {{wp|Gangnam District}}, {{wp|Seoul}} between August 17 and September 1, 2013,<ref>[ Nintendo Korea]</ref> {{wp|e-mart}} Gojan Store in {{wp|Ansan}} and {{wp|Homeplus}} Yuseong Store in {{wp|Daejeon}} on September 7 and 8, 2013,<ref>[ Nintendo Korea]</ref> as well as Cheongnyangni {{wp|Lotte Mart}} in Seoul and the Asiad Homeplus in {{wp|Busan}} on October 5 and 6, 2013.<ref>[ Nintendo Korea]</ref>
* In {{pmin|Germany}}, the events were available at {{wp|Gamescom}} in Koelnmesse Exhibition Center in {{wp|Cologne}} from August 21 to 25, 2013.
* In {{pmin|the United States}}, the events were available at {{wp|PAX (event)|PAX Prime}} in {{wp|Washington State Convention Center}} in {{wp|Seattle}}, {{wp|Washington (state)|Washington}} from August 30 to September 2, 2013. The events were also available at the Nintendo Experience Tour in the Midwest and Western United States at several different Simon Malls between August 31 and November 3, 2013.
* In {{wp|Switzerland}}, the events were available at Swiss Toy Expo 2013 in {{wp|Bern}} from October 2 to 6, 2013.
* In {{pmin|Australia}}, the events were available at {{wp|EB Games Expo}} 2013 in {{wp|Sydney Showground}}s, {{wp|Sydney}} from October 4 to 6, 2013.
The player is welcomed by [[Alexa]], and starts in an area with a large fountain in an area of decreased elevation, surrounded by small staircases leading to the fountain. Between the player's starting position and the fountain is tall grass.===Gameplay===
In the Pokémon X demo, the {{player}} is {{ga|Calem}} (named Xavier or エックス in Japanese); in the Pokémon Y demo, the player is {{ga|Serena}} (named Yvonne or ワイ in Japanese). The player starts with a random [[Kalos]] [[starter Pokémon]], {{p|Helioptile}}, and {{p|Sylveon}}; all 3 Pokémon are at level 30 and have a random [[gender]], and have a regular chance of being {{Shiny}}. The player starts off the demo with 10 [[Poké Ball]]s, which they can use to catch the wild Pokémon that appear. The player also starts off with 5 [[Potion]]s, 5 [[Hyper Potion]]s, 5 [[Paralyze Heal]]s, and 5 [[Awakening]]s in the bag. [[Pokémon-Amie]] is constantly present on the touch screen while the player is in the overworld. Pokémon do not gain [[experience]] in the demo.
InThe battleplayer is welcomed by [[Alexa]], theand bagstarts isin divideda intomodified theversion sameof four{{rt|4|Kalos}}, categoriesan itarea haswith beena sincelarge [[Generationfountain IV]]:in HP/PPan restore,area statusof restoredecreased elevation, Pokésurrounded Balls,by andsmall battlestaircases itemsleading to the fountain. TheBetween the player's startsstarting offposition and the demofountain withis 10[[tall Pokégrass]]. Balls,A andwild can{{p|Pikachu}} catchwill appear as soon as the wildplayer Pokémonsteps thatinto appearthe tall grass for the first time..
At the fountain is a {{p|Skiddo}}, which the player can mount with A and dismount with B. As Skiddo cannot climb stairs, the player is restricted to the small area around the fountain.
Just past the fountain is the opposite-gendered [[player character]] ({{ga|Serena}} in X demo or {{ga|Calem}} in Y demo). If the player interacts with him or her, he or she will challenge the player to a battle. He or she has the starter Pokémon that is super effective against the player's and a {{p|Gabite}}.
Past the fountain is a field of red and yellow flowers., Wildin which [[wild Pokémon]] can be found while walking in flowersencountered. A {{p|Fletchling}} canis bewalking seen walkingaround in one of the patches of red flowers. Past the field of flowers are severaltwo hedge mazes on the left and right, each containing a {{p|MarillLitleo}} walking around that only makes its cry when interacted with. [[Shauna]] and [[Trevor]]a are{{p|Marill}} standingwalking around; in the general area. Ifif the player interacts with Shauna,one sheof will challenge the player to a battle. Shauna has the starterthese Pokémon, withit awill type disadvantage to the player'scry.
Past these mazes is [[Professor SycamoreShauna]] is standing around in frontthe ofnorth ageneral [[gate]]area. If the player interacts with himShauna, heshe will givechallenge the player to a levelbattle. 100Shauna {{p|Mewtwo}}has holdingthe itsstarter Pokémon with a type disadvantage to the player's. [[Mega StoneTierno]] withis {{m|Psyshock}},standing {{m|Thunderbolt}},in {{m|Shadowthe Ball}},northwest and {{m|Recover}};[[Trevor]] in the playernortheast. losesIf accessthe toplayer theirtalks otherto PokémonTierno, athe thiswill; He then challengesif the player talks to aTrevor, battlehe withwill hiscomment {{p|Crobat}},that {{p|Dragonite}},people andwant {{p|Chandelure}}to know more about Pokémon.
{{p|Chespin}}'sPast movesetthese mazes is {{m|Vine[[Professor Whip}},Sycamore]] {{m|Leechstanding Seed}}in front of a [[gate]]. After a certain amount of time has passed, {{m|Growl}}the player will be warped to Sycamore, and {{m|Rollout}}he will immediately talk to the player; it is also possible to simply talk to him before this time. He will give the player a level 100 {{p|FennekinMewtwo}}'s movesetholding isa {{mDL|Psybeam}},Mega {{mStone|FireMewtwonite SpinY}},; {{m|Tailthe Whip}},player andloses {{m|Flameaccess to Charge}}their other Pokémon at this point. {{p|Froakie}}'sHe movesetthen ischallenges {{m|Waterthe Pulse}},player to a battle with his own level 100 {{mp|RoundCrobat}}, {{mp|Quick AttackChandelure}}, and {{mp|LickDragonite}}.
The demo version was playable at Gamescom 2013.