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<big><b> Hi Everyone </b> </bigdiv>
<spanbig> <big><b> Okay, so I'm ShinyPikachu. I'm a very inactive member of this community. I used to be relatively active many years ago (~7); but, as of late, I haven't even logged on. It's sort of amazing how much this community has grown and evolved since I first joined here over 9 years ago. I know no one will see this, because no one checks the style="color:{{FightingRecently color}}>Editted" Editinglist, and because no one is coolclicking sometimeson my username due to severe inactivity, but I just want to say I'm proud of this community. </span>People around the world are using this as a true encyclopedia, the way it was intended to be used. And I love that. Keep it up.
Your's, will love.
[[User:ShinyPikachu|<span><font color="#E9AB17">Shiny</font></span>]][[Pikachu (Pokémon)|<span><font color="#FFFC17">Pikachu</font></span>]] 19:26, 16 July 2017 (UTC)</b></big></big>
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