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Dowsing Machine

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In the anime: It's called by its proper Japanese name. (I suppose this is enough then, but...?)
==In the anime==
{{incomplete|section|Japanese name of Treasure Detector}}
[[File:Dowsing Machine anime.png|thumb|250px|A Dowsing Machine in the anime]]
In ''[[EP181|A Ghost of a Chance]]'', a {{tc|Firebreather}} named [[Infernando]] tried to sell {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} an Itemfinder, referred to in the English dub as a "Treasure Detector". Although the group refused the offer, the machine was soon after bought by [[James]]. He used it in an attempt to find treasures around [[Ecruteak City]], although he ended up just finding bottle caps.
In ''[[EP182|From Ghost to Ghost]]'', the Treasure Detector led {{TRT}} to a storage full of valuable antiques. However, while looting the place, the group was ambushed and {{m|Hypnosis|hypnotized}} by a group of {{p|Gastly}}, scaring them away.