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Power Bracer

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====In battle====
=====Generation IV-VI=====
A Pokémon holding this item gains 4 {{stat|Attack}} {{EV}}s whenever it gains [[experience]] in battle (EVs are awarded for each Pokémon knocked out in [[Horde Encounter|Horde Battles]] despite experience all being gained all at once); its effect is doubled by [[Pokérus]]. (In [[Generation IV]], level 100 Pokémon cannot gain EVs in battle; from [[Generation V]] onward, they gain EVs whenever they would earn experience.)
The {{stat|Speed}} stat of the Pokémon holding this item is halved induring battle.
=====Generation VII=====
====Outside of battle====
=====From {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} onward=====, if this item is held by a parent when {{pkmn|breeding}} at [[Pokémon Day Care]] or a [[Pokémon Nursery]], the {{stat|Attack}} {{IV}} of a parent holding a Power Bracer will always be passed down to the child. If both parents hold a Power Bracer, one parent will be selected at random to pass down its Attack IV.
If this item is held by a parent when {{pkmn|breeding}} at the [[Pokémon Day Care|Day Care Center]], the {{stat|Attack}} {{IV}} of the parent holding this item will be passed down to the baby.