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==={{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}===
[[File:Gold and Exbo.png|thumb|right|175px|GoldExbo and ExboGold]]
In ''[[PS442|Out-Odding Oddish]]'', Exbo is used in the [[Pokéathlon]] alongside Aibo and [[Polibo]]. They start with the Skill Course, which ends with the round Snow Throw. The team throws snowballs at their opponents, but Gold commands Aibo to create a gigantic one. Aibo throws it, giving Gold enough points to win the Skill Course. The same three are later entered into the Stamina Course and manage to win that one as well. In the [[PS443|next chapter]] the three enter the Power Course and go up against [[Koga]], [[Bruno]], and [[Will]], members of the [[Elite Four]]. When the match starts Gold is shocked to see his team being defeated by his opponents. At Circle Push, Koga's {{p|Muk}} easily pushes Exbo, Aibo, and Polibo away from it. In Goal Roll, Will's {{p|Exeggutor}} kicks several balls into a goal while Exbo, Aibo, and Polibo fail to block them. In Block Smash, Gold faces Bruno and his {{p|Machamp}} as his final opponents. Machamp does a powerful blow that destroys a whole row of blocks instantly while on Gold's side, Aibo attacks the cracked area in the center, but doesn't do much to the block. He switches to Polibo, but he only manages to destroy one. Gold switches to Exbo next, who manages to break more blocks and is the closest to matching Machamp, but not by much. Gold soon reveals that Aibo is attacking for critical hits on the blocks. By doing so, it sends Gold's team into High Tension mode, allowing him to quickly catch up with Bruno. Bruno tries to fight back, but Machamp's arms have become too injured to be used again. Gold has Aibo leap into the air and send a powerful strike in the dead center of the block, destroying them all and giving Gold the win.
==Personality and characteristics==
Exbo is a very kind and caring Pokémon and cares deeply for his friends, first shown when he was angry at {{TP|Silver|Totodile}} being stolen. Exbo has a high amount of courage and even when fighting at a disadvantage he tries his absolute best in battle, refusing to give up. In battle Exbo is often paired with {{p|Sunkern|Sunbo}} and hisher {{m|Sunny Day}} to power up Exbo's {{t|Fire}} attacks.
==Moves used==