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Officer Jenny's Gumshoos

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Personality and characteristics
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'''Officer Jenny's Gumshoos''' (Japanese: '''ジュンサーのデカグース''' ''Junsar's DekagūsuDekagoose'') is a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} owned by an [[Officer Jenny]] on [[Melemele Island]] in the [[Alola]] [[region]].
[[File:PokéOfficer ProblemJenny extraand scene SM009Gumshoos.png|thumb|left|220px|Gumshoos and Officer Jenny on patrol]]
{{p|Gumshoos}} first appeared as an {{DL|Totem Pokémon|Ally Pokémon}} in [[Verdant Cavern]] in ''[[SM009|To Top a Totem!]]'', where {{Ash}} battled against it in his first [[Island challenge|Islandisland Trialtrial]]. Gumshoos was quickly defeated after {{AP|Pikachu}} attacked it with {{m|Iron Tail}}. Gumshoos later helped scare away the {{alo|Rattata}} and {{p|Raticate}} in a store. After noticing that the normal Gumshoos had such sharp front teeth, [[Officer Jenny]] asked it to join her, seeing as she always wanted a partner, to which Gumshoos agreed.
It reappeared inIn ''[[SM010|Trial and Tribulation!]]'', Officer Jenny was revealed to have obtained it as a new partner. She showed it to Ash and {{an|Professor Kukui}}, and {{Rotom}} noted that it made a good partner for her.
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In ''[[SM055|The Professors' New Adventure!]]'', Gumshoos attended the wedding of Professor Kukui and [[Professor Burnet]] with Officer Jenny.
In ''[[SM121|A Recipe for Success!]]'', Gumshoos visited [[Oranguru's place]], asking for its usual order. {{an|Oranguru}} asked {{an|Mallow}} to try and guess what Gumshoos's usual order was. After giving it some thought, Mallow served Gumshoos some [[Moomoo Milk]] served in a coconut, which Gumshoos gulped down in one shot before leaving, satisfied.
==Personality and characteristics==
Gumshoos is a very powerful battler, using its speed and raw strength to overwhelm opponents. Gumshoos is also a kind Pokémon, helping to scare away the {{alo|Rattata}} and {{p|Raticate}}. Gumshoos can be a bit a shy, as shown when Officer Jenny first asked it to join her and when Ash's [[{{Rotom Pokédex]]}} mentioned that its had a 99.7% compatibility with its {{pkmn|Trainer}}. It has also shown to copy what its Trainer does, for instance, when it saluted right after Officer Jenny saluted. In ''[[SM121|A Recipe for Success!]]'', its favorite drink was revealed to be [[Moomoo Milk]], and it enjoys drinking it both on-duty, such as during stakeouts, and off-duty.
==Moves used==
{{anmov/h|normal||Officer Jenny Gumshoos {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 23}}|0=Sand Attack|1=BiteTake Down|2=Hyper Fang}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 23}}|0=Sand Attack|1=BiteTake Down|2=Hyper Fang}}}}
{{anmov|Ground|Sand Attack|SM009|To Top a Totem!}}
{{anmov|Normal|Take Down|SM009|To Top a Totem!}}
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[[es:Gumshoos de la Oficial Jenny/Agente Mara‎‎]]
[[it:Gumshoos di Agente Jenny]]