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[[File:Early anime film frame.png|thumb|230px|Early anime frame from [[EP093]]]]
The '''Pokémon {{wp|anime}}''', often referred to as just "the anime" by Pokémon fans, is a collective term referring to currently {{#expr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Original series episodes}} - 8 + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Advanced Generation series episodes}} - 6 + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Diamond & Pearl series episodes}} - 5 + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Best Wishes series episodes}} - 6 + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:XY series episodes}} - 4 + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Sun & Moon series episodes}} - 02}} main series episodes, {{#expr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Movies}} - 2}} movies, and a number of side-story episodes, all focusing on [[Pokémon]]. The great majority of these focus on [[Ash Ketchum]], a [[Pokémon Trainer]] from [[Pallet Town]], and his journey toward his ultimate goal of being a [[Pokémon Master]], {{ashfr|his many friends}}, and most especially {{cat|Ash's Pokémon|his Pokémon}}, whom he considers his partners and friends.
Though the anime is ultimately based upon the {{pkmn|games}} and draws heavily from them, many concepts which are only touched on the games are spun in a unique way, and expanded on.