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* Juan is the only [[Hoenn]] [[Gym Leader]] not to be shown with the same team in the {{pkmn|anime}} as in the games (while some Gym Leaders had Pokémon evolve or join their team, all the previous leaders were shown with the same team as their game counterparts at one point). Instead, Juan has a {{p|Milotic}} from [[DP075|Wallace's appearance in the anime]].
* Juan is the only [[Gym Leader]] to not have a VS. sprite or artwork, because he appeared only in {{game|Emerald}} and the [[Pokémon World Tournament]].
* In the {{pmin|Latin America}}n dub of ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate]]'', {{MTR}} and the [[narrator]] mention that Juan resembles the Mexican actor {{wp|René Casados}}.
* Juan is similar to [[Fantina]] in that both speak French (Juan does so in the original Japanese version and Chuang Yi's English translation of [[Pokémon Adventures]]), and both are {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s and [[Gym Leader]]s.
** In the VIZ Media version he uses Spanish phrases instead, likely due to the Spanish origins of his name.