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Major events
==Major events==
* {{p|Zekrom}} appears again, and {{AP|Pikachu}} recovers his electric{{t|Electric}} powers.
* {{Ash}} decides to remain in [[Unova]] and challenge its [[Unova League|Pokémon League]].
* Ash learns the first Unova League [[Gym]] is in [[Striaton City]].
* Ash meets a mysterious girl named {{an|Iris}} and her {{TP|Iris|Axew}}.
* Iris decides to follow Ash on his {{pkmn|journey}}.
* [[Jessie]] and [[James]] are revealed to have left all their Pokémon at {{an|Team Rocket HQ|Team Rocket's Headquarters}}.
* {{Ash}} tries and fails to catch a {{p|Deerling}}.
* Ash catches a {{AP|Pidove}}.
* Jessie catches a {{TP|Jessie|Woobat}}.
* Iris meets {{TRT}} for the first time.
* [[Professor Juniper]]'s {{AP|Oshawott}} is revealed to know {{m|Water Gun}}.