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'''Laki''' (Japanese: '''ラキ''' ''Raki'') is a recurring character who first appeared in ''[[SM017File:Laki.png|Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!thumb|250px|Laki]]''.
'''Laki''' (Japanese: '''ラキ''' ''Laki'') is a recurring character who first appeared in ''[[SM017|Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!]]''.
Laki is a detective on a [[Television|TV show]] called '''Alolan Detective Laki''' (Japanese: '''アローラ探偵ラキ''' ''Alola Detective RakiLaki''), which [[Rotom Pokédex]] and [[Professor Kukui]] like to watch. It is not known whether Laki is his real name or just the name of the character he plays. Laki is very popular in the [[Alola]] region and even has his own merchandise, like wigs of his hair. Rotom Pokédex likes to impersonate Laki and pretend it solves cases as well.
In one episode of his show, Laki had to find out who had stolen [[Mrs. Makani]]'s precious jewels. After finding clues on who the culprit could be, Laki gathered all suspects in a room and pointed out that the doctor among the suspects had stolen the jewels by hiding them in {{p|Sableye}} dolls.
This listing is of Laki's known {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the {{pkmn|anime}}:
|img=RakiLaki Smeargle.png
|epname=Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!
|desc={{p|Smeargle}} is LakyLaki's only known Pokémon. It accompanies him on his job as a detective on the television show they both star in.
It briefly on Professor Kukui's television appeared in ''[[SM020|Partner Promises!]]''.