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;After winning the Heal League
:''"Beating the Heal League?! Another big win for you! You've been a real balm to this old man's heart, that's for sure! I knew you were the one! Watching the two of you excel has all our Magikarp chomping at the bit! You're just a few hops away from becoming the ultimate league champion! And don't think I'm not grateful! Nope, I've been working for you while you work for me. I've fixed this old Swampy Jungle I used back in my day. It's all yours to use now! And in a real stroke of genius, I came up with this Rare Old Rod. Give it a whirl! I'm confident that it should be able to fish up some new patterns of Magikarp! Now it's time for you to set your sights on the final league."''
:;Version 1.1
:''"But...I'm afraid it looks like they're not quite ready for you, yet! Check back for updates soon! Try training up in the Expert League until they're ready for you to take part! So, my young friend... Go make a real big splash!"''
:;Version 1.2
:''"But I'm not finished yet, either! Beat the Ultra League, and we'll celebrate in style!"''
;When a Magikarp reaches its maximum level for the first time