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[[File:M02 Tracey explanation.png|right|thumb|250px|The deleted shot]]
* The first dub version of this movie was released theatrically in 2000 and on VHS and DVD later the same year. The second version was streamed on [[Pokémon TV]] in 2015, which removed all company logos, retyped the opening and ending credits, and changed the copyright to 2015.
* Similar to in ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', a large portion of the film's theme was changed. Originally, the primary theme was meant to emphasize co-dependence, while the dub emphasized individualism via the added in Chosen One concept.
* The prophecy was rewritten in the dub to add in details for the Chosen One and taming the Beast of the Sea via the three treasures and Lugia's song.
* Maren addresses Tracey by name in the dub, something she doesn't do in the Japanese version. In addition, the dub specifies that they have an hour before they get to the next island, when she originally just gave a vague statement about how they have plenty of time when agreeing to giving their Pokémon fresh air.