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In the Pokémon Adventures manga: Mach Bike in PS241
{{adv|Gold}} competes with [[Whitney]] in a bike race from [[Goldenrod City]] to the [[National Park]] in ''[[PS105|Smeargle Smudge]]'' and ''[[PS106|How Do You Do, Sudowoodo?]]''. Gold, however, altered his Bicycle into a push scooter.
In ''[[PS241|Dreadful Dealing with Dusclops]]'', {{adv|Wally}} uses a Mach Bike that he finds at the base of the [[Sky Pillar]] to ride quickly over the cracked floors in order to scale up the tower.
{{adv|Diamond}}, {{adv|Pearl}} and {{adv|Platinum}} received Bicycles from [[Rad Rickshaw]] as a sign of gratitude after his rescue from [[Team Galactic]] in ''[[PS347|Ring Around the Roserade II]]''. The trio would later use their new Bicycles to travel through the [[Sinnoh Route 206|Cycling Road]].