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7 Badges in [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions|Red version]](with a little help from my younger brother)
8 Badges in [[pokémon Gold and Silver|Gold version]] - the [[Indigo Plateau|pokémon league]] is very tough; back to training! ...
4 Badges in [[Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen versions|Leaf Green version]] - slipco. and the [[fuchsia City Gym]], I wonder where to go next.
A picture of Jigglypuff on stage in [[Pokemon Snap]] at 4820 points - followed by [[Magmar]]
Finished and Completed [[Pokémon Channel]].
Returned to [[Pokémon Square]] after telling the townfolk that werewe are not their enemies - [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team]]
Just Finished Chapter 12 in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky|Explores of sky]].
[ My Deviantart] - Where I occasionaly post my drawings
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Shuffle mobile Friend code: GJQNG3N3(19 spots left!) (From Asia!)
[[File:Spr 5b 145.png|I'm friends with this, yeah, Seriously]]
[[File:Spr 5b 149.png|Who doesn't like him?]]
[[File:Spr 5b 151.png|I'm Just speechless...]]
===Gen II to IV===
[[File:Spr 5b 152.png|Chicko]]
[[File:Spr 5b 179.png|Hey, Look! It's Mareep!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 180.png|Fllaffy]]
[[File:Spr 5b 181.png|Amfuros]]
[[File:Spr 5b 184.png|azmarill]]
[[File:Spr 5b 186 f.png|polutod]]
[[File:Spr 5b 203 m.png|Girafang]]
[[File:Spr 5b 206.png|Dunspare!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 214 f.png|Heracross]]
[[File:Spr 5b 220.png|Swinub!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 223.png|Banzai(Remorade)]]
[[File:Spr 5b 224 f.png|Ortillary]]
[[File:Spr 5b 225.png|Delibird]]
[[File:Spr 5b 234.png|Standleer]]
[[File:Spr 5b 235.png|smeargal]]
[[File:Spr 5b 241.png|The Milk sure is disgusting!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 245.png|Suicune]]
[[File:Spr 5b 246.png|Lavata]]
[[File:Spr 5b 251.png|The one and only time traveler]]
[[File:Spr 5b 254.png|Septile]]
[[File:Spr 5b 255 f.png|Gingi without the Scar]]
[[File:Spr 5b 256 f.png|Combuskin]]
[[File:Spr 5b 259.png|I love two-tailed Pkmn]]
[[File:Spr 5b 260.png|Swampet]]
[[File:Spr 5b 261.png|pocheyana]]
[[File:Spr 5b 261.png|pocheyana]]
[[File:Spr 5b 262.png|Mightyania]]
[[File:Spr 5b 264.png|Linocoon]]
[[File:Spr b 5b 303.png|Mawile]]
[[File:Spr 5b 309.png|Electrike]]
[[File:Spr 5b 313.png|volbeat]]
[[File:Spr 5b 310.png|Manectric]]
[[File:Spr 5b 313.png|volbeat]]
[[File:Spr 5b 314.png|illumise]]
[[File:Spr 5b 326.png|Grummpig]]
[[File:Spr 5b 333.png|I just can't level up!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 335.png|Zangoose]]
[[File:Spr 5b 340.png|wishcash]]
[[File:Spr 5b 341.png|Hey!Hey!Hey!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 363.png|They see me rolling.]]
[[File:Spr 5b 364.png|seloo]]
[[File:Spr 5b 385.png|Jarchi]]
[[File:Spr 5b 399403 mf.png|BidoofSooooooooooo is not weakCute!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 400 f.png|...Cause I manage to evolve Bidoof into this!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 403 f.png|How Cute!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 418 m.png|My very own personal Mascot!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 410.png|sheldoon]]
[[File:Spr 5b 441.png|Wigglytuff's Strict Assistance]]
[[File:Spr 5b 449 m.png|hippo]]
[[File:Spr 5b 492.png|It looks like a Pillow #ShayminJumpscared]]
===Gen V===
[[File:Spr 5b 505.png|Vice-Principle Watchog!]]
[[File:Spr 5b 522.png|blitzel]]
[[File:Spr 5b 529551.png|DrillberSandile]]
[[File:Spr 5b 530.png|Excadrill]]
[[File:Spr 5b 531.png|Auduno]]
[[File:Spr 5b 532.png|Timburr]]
[[File:Spr 5b 546.png|cottonee]]
[[File:Spr 5b 551.png|Sandile]]
[[File:Spr 5b 552.png|Krokrokro]]
[[File:Spr 5b 556.png|maractice]]
[[File:Spr 5b 565.png|Caracosta]]
[[File:Spr 5b 585.png|Deerling]]
[[File:Spr 5b 595.png|Joltick]]
[[File:Spr 5b 596.png|Garventula]]
[[File:Spr 5b 610.png|Kibago]]
[[File:Spr 5b 611.png|Kibago's brother]]
[[File:Spr 5b 614.png|Beartic]]
[[File:Spr 5b 619.png|meinfoo]]
[[File:Spr 5b 631.png|Heatmor]]
[[File:Spr 5b 634.png|Zeweilgeos]]
===Gen VI= & VII==
[[File:Spr 6x7s 653654.png|FennekinI secretly had a crush on her!]]
[[File:Spr 6x7s 654659.png|BraxienThis is Clemont's]]
[[File:Spr 6x7s 657661.png|FrogitereThis is Ash's]]
[[File:Spr 7s 678 m.png|I prefer the Male and Darker one]]
[[File:Spr 6x7s 661684.png|FletchingCotton Candy Dog]]
[[File:Spr 6x7s 668 f694.png|PyroarHeiloptile]]
[[File:Spr 6x 676.png|Furfrow]]
[[File:Spr 6x 678 m.png|Meowstic]]
[[File:Spr 6x 694.png|Heiloptile]]
[[File:Spr 6x 695.png|Heilosilk]]
[[File:Spr 6x 701.png|Hawlucha Slam School]]
[[File:Spr 6x 703.png|Carbrink]]
[[File:Spr 6x 704.png|Goomy]]
[[File:Spr 6x7s 706704.png|GoodraGoomy]]
[[File:Spr 6x7s 714722.png|NoibirdRow, Row, Row your Rowlet]]
[[File:Spr 7s 725.png|#ChineseCat]]
[[File:Spr 7s 728.png|"Bark Bark"]]
[[File:Spr 7s 802.png|Marshadow]]