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Dub edits
* When James ordered his Victreebel to attack Ash's Muk, in the dub he told it to "get stuck on Muk". In the original he commanded it to use {{m|Double-Edge}}.
* James orders Victreebel to use {{m|Poison Powder}} but in the original, there is no mention of Victreebel knowing Poison Powder.
* The English-dubbed version of this episode was released in Japan as part of the ''{{DL|Pokémon de English|Pokémon de English! Kazu - Iro Hen}}'' VHS/DVD. This version has a few changes made:
** ''Who's That Pokémon?'' is presented in the Johto League Champions style rather than the original style as the segment from [[EP158]] is used.
** The end credits are not included.