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title_en=Haunter versus Kadabra |colorscheme=Kanto
title_ja|title_en=ゴーストVSエスパー!Haunter |versus Kadabra
title_ja_trans=Ghost VS Esper! |title_ja=ゴーストVSエスパー!
screen|title_ja_trans=hdGhost |VS Esper!
broadcast_jp=September 9, 1997 |screen=hd
broadcast_us|broadcast_jp=OctoberSeptember 89, 1998 |1997
en_series|broadcast_us=IndigoOctober League8, |1998
en_op|en_series=[[PokémonIndigo Theme]] |League
ja_op|en_op=[[Aim to Be a Pokémon Master|めざせポケモンマスターTheme]] |
ja_ed|ja_op=[[OneAim Hundredto Fifty-OneBe a Pokémon Master|ひゃくごじゅういちめざせポケモンマスター]] |
olmteam|ja_ed=Team[[One OtaHundred Fifty-One|ひゃくごじゅういち]]
scenario|olmteam=武上純希Team |Ota
storyboard=鈴木敏明 |scenario=武上純希
director=織田美浩 |storyboard=鈴木敏明
art=山本郷 |director=織田美浩
morecredits=yes |art=山本郷
epstaffpage=EP021-EP030 |morecredits=yes
'''Haunter versus Kadabra''' (Japanese: '''ゴーストVSエスパー!''' ''{{tt|Ghost|Haunter}} VS {{tt|Esper|Psychic-type}}!'') is the 24th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It was first broadcastaired in Japan on September 9, 1997 and in the United States on October 8, 1998.
After a brief recap of [[EP023|the previous episode]], {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} return to [[Saffron City]] with {{AP|Haunter}} in tow. Though Ash is feeling confident, but {{an|Brock}} is somewhat afraid of Haunter. However, while {{an|Misty}} is not, and she even considers Haunter huggingcute. Haunter upnudges Misty and {{m|lick}}ing Misty's her face, {{status|paralysis|paralyzing}} her. Ash scolds it and Haunter cries, but Ash reassures it, the {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} quickly perking up. Ash asks Haunter for help against [[Sabrina]], and it agrees to.
Ash and his friends return to the [[Saffron Gym]] as Ash remembers [[EP022|the last match]]. He is ready to go inside, but he notices that his friends and {{AP|Pikachu}} do not want to go in, based on what happened last time. Ash believes he will win, but Brock thinks Haunter is controlling Ash. Haunter appears not to be, laughing continually. Ash brings out {{AP|Charmander}}, {{AP|Squirtle}} and {{AP|Bulbasaur}} and they prepare to go inside. Everyone returns to the stadium, as Ash demands a {{pkmn|battle|rematch}}. Sabrina agrees and sends out {{TP|Sabrina|Kadabra}}. Ash attempts to send out Haunter, but Haunter has disappeared. Ash freaks out, losing his confidence. Sabrina starts to get angry and orders Ash to send out another Pokémon, or they will all return to thereiterating toyher boxthreat. Ash tries to send Pikachu, but he backs away to the wall, scared. His other Pokémon do the same, not wanting to battle. Sabrina is purelyintensely angry as Ash decides to back out, running away, and everyone followingfollows him. The exit seals off as the little girl appears from behind, using telekinesis to turn Brock and Misty into dolls. The little girl appears in front of them as Ash's Pokémon hide behind him. [[Sabrina's father|The man]] that told him to find the {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon before appears and teleports them out.
They reappear in the city and they all drop into a pile atop the man. {{cat|Ash's Pokémon}} relax as Ash reflects on how mean Sabrina is. The man mentions that Sabrina was not always mean. Flashbacks reveal Sabrina as a young girl using telekinetic powers on everything, honing her skills at the cost of turning against her parents. The conflict caused her to split into two girls, the older Trainer and the lonely little girl. The little girl is actually a doll representing Sabrina before she practiced telekinesis. Ash notices that the picture he showed is the same one they saw in Sabrina's toy box. The man believes that Ash has found out that he is really Sabrina's father, but Ash thinks he is a photographer. Pikachu laughs and the man is somewhat astounded that Ash is that oblivious. Sabrina's father asks why he does not have a Ghost Pokémon as Ash mentions that Haunter disappeared. He must find Haunter in order to free his friends.
Ash and Pikachu scan the city for Haunter. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is alongside a skyscraper on a window cleaner platform. [[James]] readies the fishing net in order to capture Pikachu, but Haunter appears in front of them, scaring Team Rocket and causing them to fall off the platform. [[Jessie]] grabs hold as everyone else clings onto her. She cannot pull up because they are too heavy. Haunter appears next to Jessie and makes funny faces, trying to get her to laugh (he even fires a gun with a "BANG!" flag in the barrel). She tries to resist because she will let go if she laughs. Eventually she cracks, laughing and releasing her grip. TheyAsh and Pikachu notice that Team Rocket have crashcrashed through the sidewalk asand AshHaunter andappears Pikachunearby. notice,After thanking Haunter appearingfor nearby.stopping Team Rocket, Ash wantsexpresses his desire to go back to the Gym, but Haunter does not want to battle. However, Haunter comes up with an idea and sides with Ash again as they return to the Gym.
Meanwhile, Misty and Brock, now as dolls, are sitting on a couch, unable to move. They notice another doll nearby as they realize that it is [[Sabrina's mother]]. They are shocked as she reveals that Sabrina is still good. The roof opens as the Sabrina doll looks down upon them. Misty demands a battle and for them to change them back, but she doesn't want them to change. At that moment, Ash returns and asks for another match. Sabrina sets Misty and Brock on her chair to watch. Misty and Brock protest, but Ash is set to battle. Kadabra comes back out as Ash orders Haunter to go, but it disappearshas disappeared again. This time, there is no backing out as Ash freaks out. Ash falls to the floor in defeat, but Pikachu steps out to battle, even though Ash knows Pikachu is at a disadvantage. PikachuIts wantsinsistence to stand up forconvinces Ash asand the battlematch begins. Pikachu uses {{m|Thunder Shock}}, but Kadabra {{m|Teleport}}s to avoid it. Itand then uses {{m|Psybeam}} to knockon Pikachu back. Pikachu gets back up and uses a {{m|Thunderbolt}}, hitting and roasting Kadabra. It seems like a win, but Kadabrait uses {{m|Recover}} to heal. The battle seems to be against Ash, but suddenly, Haunter appears in front of Sabrina and laughs. The doll believes that it is unfair to pit two against one, but Sabrina's dad reappears and says that Haunter is playing on its own, not battling, so it is not against the rules. Haunter makes funny faces and even pulls out a bomb, exploding it in front of Sabrina. The effort works as Sabrina cracks a smile, progressing to hysterical laughter. Sabrina's dad seems happy at Sabrina's breakthrough, but Ash is still unconvinced that he is her dad, making him angry. However, he notes that Haunter has helped Sabrina. Ash is still angry that he did not win, but Sabrina's dad points to Kadabra rolling on the floor laughing, since Sabrina and Kadabra are joined telepathically. Sabrina's doll disappears and drops Kadabra's {{ball|Poké}}, Misty and Brock returning to human form. Sabrina's father declares Ash the winner.
AshSuddenly, Haunter appears in front of Sabrina and hislaughs. friendsThe leavedoll Saffronbelieves Citythat it is unfair to pit two against one, Ashbut glancingSabrina's atfather hisreappears newand {{Badge|Marsh}}.says that Haunter staysis behindplaying withon Sabrinaits own, andnot battling, so it is not against the grouprules. Haunter makes plansfunny tofaces headand offeven topulls theout a bomb, nextexploding [[Gym]]it in [[Celadonfront City]]of Sabrina. MeanwhileThe effort works as Sabrina cracks a smile, Teamprogressing Rocketto hysterical laughter. Sabrina's father seems happy at her breakthrough, but Ash is frozenstill inunconvinced thethat pithe beingis filledher withfather, making him angry. However, he notes that Haunter has helped Sabrina. Ash is still angry that he did not cementwin, but theySabrina's managefather points to getKadabra outrolling on the floor laughing, since Sabrina and blastKadabra are joined telepathically. Sabrina's doll disappears and drops Kadabra's {{i|Poké Ball}}, with Misty and Brock returning to their human forms. Sabrina's father promptly declares Ash the offwinner.
Ash and his friends leave Saffron City, waving goodbye to Sabrina, her parents, and Haunter, who has decided to stay with Sabrina. Ash glances at his new {{Badge|Marsh}}, still doubtful that he deserved it. Brock and Misty reassure him that it was a just victory and make light of the unusual circumstances. The group then makes plans to head for the next [[Gym]] in [[Celadon City]]. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is frozen in the pothole as it is being slowly filled with cement. However, they manage to jump out in time and run down the same direction as Ash and his friends.
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
[[File:Ash Marsh Badge.png|thumb|220px|Ash holding the Marsh Badge]]
* {{Ash}} returns to [[Saffron City]] to {{pkmn|battle}} [[Sabrina]] again.
* [[Sabrina]]
* [[Sabrina's father]]
* [[Sabrina's mother]]
* {{p|Squirtle}} ({{OP|Ash|Squirtle}})
* {{p|Kadabra}} ({{OP|Sabrina|Kadabra}})
* {{p|Haunter}} ([[Sabrina's Haunter|anime]],; befriended by [[Sabrina]])
* {{p|Gastly}} (flashback)
* {{p|Gengar}} (flashback)
* The {{pmin|Poland|Polish}} dub of this episode adds a voiceover for {{TP|Sabrina|Haunter}} in one scene in the city when it talks to {{Ash}}.
* The book ''[[Night in the Haunted Tower]]'' is based on this and the two previous episodes.
* For unspecified reasons, both [[Sabrina]] and Ash state that Ash {{pkmn2|caught}} Haunter in this episode, but Haunter had not been seen in a [[Poké Ball]] in either episode.
* The {{Badgebadge|Marsh}} that Ash earns in this episode is his fourth [[Badge]]. However, in a rare deviation from the traditional sequence of Gyms[[Gym]]s, the Marsh Badge is officially the sixth Badge that the player earns in the games.
* When [[James]] introduces his net trap, the music is similar to the music during the battle atop [[Altru Tower]] in [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]].
* When Haunter tries to make [[Jessie]] laugh, it pulls the same pose and says the same phrase, "gachon!", as the famous Japanese comedian {{wp|Kei Tani}}.
[[File:EP024* Error.pngIn one scene, {{AP|thumb|200px|right|KadabraCharmander}}'s miscoloredbelly tail]]is orange, instead of white.
* InAsh's oneeye scene,color Charmander'sturns hazel bellywhen is{{AP|Pikachu}} orange,decides insteadto offight white{{TP|Sabrina|Kadabra}}.
* Ash's eye color turns hazel when Pikachu decides to fight Kadabra.
* In the scene where Kadabra is rolling on the floor laughing, its tail stripe is colored the same as the rest of the tail.
* When [[Sabrina]]'s father teleported Ash and his Pokémon, and they are falling, {{AP|Squirtle}} is seen above Ash. When they landedland, however, Squirtle wasis on the bottom.
* NearAfter the end of the episode, when Ash, Misty and Brock are waving goodbye, Ash[[Who's "z's"That arePokemon?]] missingsegment, asPikachu wellspeaks, as the lines onbut his andmouth Mistydoesn's ears and all the way to the end of thet episodemove.
* Near the end of the episode, when Ash and {{ashfr}} are waving goodbye, Ash's "z's" are missing, as well as the lines on his and {{an|Misty}}'s ears. This error is present all the way to the end of the episode.
EP024 Error.png|Kadabra's miscolored tail
===Dub edits===
* [[PokéRap]]: Day 4
* In the dub, the [[narrator]] claims that Ash returned for the biggest showdown in his life, while in the Japanese version, he simply says that Ash returned to [[Saffron City]].
* The signs that Misty, {{an|Brock}}, and Pikachu hold when they are reluctant to enter the Gym were translated in the dub to "Go Ash Go!" (Brock), Ash's face (both Misty), and "Good Luck" (Pikachu). Originally, they said "Never Give Up, Ash", "Guts" (left), and "Do Your Best" (right) for Brock and Misty's signs, respectively, whereas Pikachu's sign was the same as the dub in terms of translation.
* Brock says to Ash after he tells them about how Haunter will make sure that Ash wins against Sabrina: "I wouldn't be too sure, Ash. What if Haunter's the one controlling you?" Originally, Brock just reminds Ash that he should keep an eye on Haunter so that it won't disappear on him.
* In the dub, {{Ash}} believed that the man knew so much about Sabrina because he was her photographer, while in the Japanese version, Ash believed that he is a neighbor of Sabrina's.
* Originally, the egg that falls on Team Rocket was meant to be an {{wp|egg of Columbus}}, and James explains what an egg of Columbus was, followed by Jessie saying that she thought it was in reference to {{wp|Christopher Columbus}} liking eggs. This was changed by the dub to a variation of the "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" argument.
* In the Japanese version, when Ash and his Pokémon end up on Sabrina's father's back, Ash tells Pikachu to not "pika pika" him and demands Pikachu to get off. In the dub, Ash tells Pikachu he's happy he's safe and asks Pikachu kindly to get off his back.
* In the dub, Brock says he is allergic to ghosts, while in the Japanese version, Brock says he cannot get used to Ash's new friend.
==In other languages==
|fr_eu={{tt|La revanche|The revenge}}
|de={{tt|Alpollo vs. Kadabra|Haunter vs. Kadabra}}
|he=הונטר נגד קדברה {{tt|''Haunter neged Kadabra''|Haunter versus Kadabra}}
|hi=Haunter वेरसेस Kadabra {{tt|''Haunter versus Kadabra''|Haunter verses Kadabra (Same as English)}} {{tt|*|Same in CN dub & Hungama dub}}
|hu={{tt|Haunter kontra Kadabra|Haunter versus Kadabra}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Haunter contra Kadabra!|Haunter against Kadabra!}}
|es_eu={{tt|Haunter versus Kadabra|Haunter vs. Kadabra}}
|tr={{tt|Haunter Kadabra'ya Karşı|Haunter vs. Kadabra}}
|sv={{tt|Haunter mot Kadabra|Haunter against Kadabra}}
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