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* In an initial announcement for this episode, [[TV Tokyo]]'s website incorrectly stated that {{an|Barry}} had won the {{badge|Coal}} from the Sunyshore Gym. This was corrected a day later, stating instead that Barry won the {{badge|Beacon}} from the Sunyshore Gym.
* This is the first episode where Barry doesn't bump into Ash.
* This marks [[EP062EP063|the first time]] since the {{series|original}} that a rival of Ash's shows off all his Badges, only some of which are similar to Ash's.
* Two [[Team Rocket's mechas]] from ''[[DP024|Cooking Up a Sweet Story!]]'' and ''[[DP117|Noodles! Roamin' Off!]]'' make cameo in this episode.
* The children's story "{{wp|The Little Engine that Could}}" is referenced by Meowth when he says that they will be known as the "Team Rocket that could."