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* The computer's image of a {{p|Caterpie}} leaves a section of its body colored the purple on the screen.
* When Ash is returning Arbok to its Poké Ball, the number seven on his jacket has vanished.
* After Ash answers the tail flame question, and the view reverts back to the big screen, the picture on the screen shows a flame from Ponyta's mane, not tail, but before Ash is answering, it shows the correct flame.
* In the last scene, the Meowth that does not talk has scratching sounds similar to that of wiping a window.
;Test 1<nowiki>:</nowiki> 2nd Question
File:EP056 Wartortle Ninetales.png|Japanese version
File:2nd question slide.png‎|English version
;Test 2<nowiki>:</nowiki> Poliwag Slide'''
File:EP056 Poliwhirl Slide.png|Japanese version
File:PoliwagWrongEvolution.png‎|English version
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|神奇寶貝檢定考|Pokémon Examination}}
|cs={{tt|Obtížná zkouška|The difficult exam}}