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After the player leaves the [[Anistar Gym]], Lysandre will reveal over the Holo Caster his plans to use the [[ultimate weapon]]. To stop him, the player travels to [[Lysandre Labs]] and defeat him and the four female scientists. The player discovers that Lysandre has imprisoned [[AZ]]. Lysandre tells the story of how AZ used the ultimate weapon to revive his {{p|Floette}} and then used it to end the war 3,000 years ago. He promises that if the player defeats [[Xerosic]], he will turn off the ultimate weapon, but Xerosic turns the weapon on remotely and unleashes it in Geosenge Town. At the [[Team Flare Secret HQ]] there, Lysandre tells of his plans to eradicate all Pokémon and people who do not agree with his ideals. After the player defeats him and his admins and catches the Legendary Pokémon, Lysandre will try to use the remaining energy in the weapon for his selfish goals, but is instead only caught in the destruction it wreaks.
The player travels through {{rt|18|Kalos}}, [[Couriway Town]], and {{rt|19|Kalos}} to [[Snowbelle City]], where the Gym Leader, [[Wulfric]], is missing. To find him, the player navigates {{rt|20|Kalos}} to get to the [[Pokémon Village]]. Wulfric explains that the Pokémon there were once abused. Wulfric returns to the [[Snowbelle Gym]] and rewards the player with the {{Badge|IceburgIceberg}} for defeating him. With the final Badge in hand, the player heads through {{rt|21|Kalos}} to {{kal|Victory Road}} and the {{kal|Pokémon League}}, where they defeat {{type|Fire}} specialist [[Malva]], {{type|Steel}} specialist [[Wikstrom]], {{type|Dragon}} specialist [[Drasna]], {{type|Water}} specialist [[Siebold]], and Champion Diantha. After the player enters the [[Hall of Fame]], Sycamore organizes a parade for the player. During the parade, AZ asks the player for a battle. Afterward, AZ says he finally knows what it means to be a Trainer again, and his Floette appears from the sky and is reunited with him.