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;After winning the Great League
:''"That's the ticket! Now you're the champion of the Great League, too! I knew I was right to pick you, kid. You've got a real knack for this! Seeing the two of you so hard at work has really fired up the other Magikarp, too! Mm-hmmm! That Magikarp of yours sure has learned to jump high. That's the spirit! But don't think I've just been sitting around doing nothing this whole time! I've set you up with another fine theme that you can use for your pond. Check out this Hot Springs! And I've been working on my own skills, too. Check out this Good Old Rod! I'm pretty sure it'll let you fish up some new patterns of Magikarp! Next up is the Luxury League, and you can't afford the luxury of slacking off now! You work hard, and I promise I will, too. Let's meet back here when you're champ! Go beat that Luxury League!"''
;After winning the Luxury League
:''"So you've even beaten the Luxury League! I really do have an eye for picking champions. The Magikarp are really getting riled up by all this winning you've been doing! If you keep going like this, your Magikarp might even surpass those champs of old! And me, I've managed to surpass myself, too! Check this out! I've wrangled it so that you can use this Dank Theme I used to use. And that's not all... I've come up with this Great Old Rod! Let's see what kind of patterns you fish up with this puppy! Next up is the Heal League! It's not as soothing as it sounds, though.
:;Version 1.0
::''But...I'm afraid it looks like they're not quite ready for you, yet! Check back for updates soon! Try training up in the Expert League until they're ready for you to take part! So, my young friend... Go make a real big splash!"''
:;Version 1.1
::''But I'll work on a little something to make you feel better while you're working hard. So do your best to win big in the Heal League!"''
;When a Magikarp reaches its maximum level for the first time