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Cute Charm (Ability)

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Effects on personality value: wording/clearer (I guess 0 is by far most likely if you didn't RNG your ID/SID, so explicitly including lower chances); should slightly skew Ability and Wurmple evos, but I think it's not worth an explicit mention
====Effects on personality value====
In [[Generation IV]] only, when Cute Charm forces a Pokémon to be a specific gender, it does so by modifyingsetting its [[personality value]] to one of 5 setsout of 25 possible values that correspond to the forced gender (one forvalue eachper [[nature]]). The set usedof possible values depends on the gender of the Pokémon with Cute Charm, and if the Pokémon with Cute Charm is female, the wild Pokémon's [[gender ratio]]. This has significant consequences for properties determined by personality value.
As a result, inwhen Generationthe IVencountered onlyspecies certaincan [[Trainerbe IDaffected number]]by andCute [[SecretCharm ID]](i.e., combinationswhen allowit Pokémonis whosenot gendersa aremale-only, forcedfemale-only, by Cute Charmor togenderless be {{Shiny}}species), andthe eachchances of theseencountering combinationsa only[[Shiny correspondsPokémon]] todiffer betweenfrom the usual 1/8182, anddepending 8on how many of the 25 possible personality values fromforced oneby particularCute set.Charm However,result forin Trainera ID[[Shiny andPokémon]] Secret(in IDconjunction combinationswith forthe which[[Trainer gender-manipulatedID Pokémonnumber]] canand be[[Secret Shiny,ID]]): therethey ismay anbe overallas 21.34%low chanceas for1/24546 these(if Pokémonnone to be Shiny ifof the combination25 correspondsvalues toforced 8by personalityCute valuesCharm result in theShiny setPokémon), andor aas 2high as 21.6734% chance (if 8 out of the combination25 correspondsvalues toforced 1by personalityCute valueCharm result in theShiny setPokémon).
Additionally, {{p|Spinda}} whose gender has been forced by Cute Charm in Generation IV only have one of 50 patterns (25 for male, 25 for female).