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Escape Rope (Plasma Storm 120)

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|recaption2={{TCG|Facing a New Trial}} print<br>Illus. [[Toyste Beach]]
|recaption3={{TCG|To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow}} print<br>Illus. [[Toyste Beach]]-->
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Item|jpexpansion={{TCG|Premium Champion Pack}}|jpcardno=100/131}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Item|jpexpansion={{TCG|Facing a New Trial}}|jpcardno=044/049}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Item|jpexpansion={{TCG|To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow}}|jprarity={{rar|UR}}|jpcardno=062/051}}
During the XY Series, Escape Rope was reprinted with new artwork by [[Toyste Beach]] in the English {{TCG|Primal Clash}} expansion, originating from the Japanese {{TCG|Tidal Storm}} expansion. In Japan, a Mirror Reverse Holo reprint of this print was included in the {{TCG|Premium Champion Pack}}.
ADuring the Sun & Moon Era, a new artwork by [[Toyste Beach]] was released in the Japanese {{TCG|Facing a New Trial}} subset. duringA {{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} {{TCG|Secret card|Secret}} print, also by Toyste Beach was included in the SunJapanese &{{TCG|To MoonHave EraSeen the Battle Rainbow}} expansion.
|set3=Facing a New Trial
|illus3=Toyste Beach
}}<!--|set4=To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow
|illus4=Toyste Beach-->
This card's effect matches that of {{TCG ID|Gym Challenge|Warp Point|126}}, a card previously released many times in between the {{TCG|Gym Challenge}} expansion and the {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}} expansion.
The [[Escape Rope]] is an [[item]] featured in the [[Pokémon games]]. It allows the [[player character]] to easily escape from places such as [[cave]]s.
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