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[[File:Valencia Island Paras M02.png|thumb|240px|right|Normal-colored {{p|Paras}}, including {{an|Brock}}'s short cameo appearance]]
* In the dub, when Lawrence III reads the ancient prophecy, it says "Lest the earth turn to ash". However, later in the movie, and in the song [[The Chosen One]], it says "'''Thus''' the earth '''shall''' turn to ash".
* When Melody and Misty first meet, Melody tells her "Oh, and Misty, try not to get jealous." However, only Ash had been introduced at this point, while Misty's and Tracey's names were never mentioned. Note that, at least in Misty's case, this was only in the dub.
* During the festival feast, [[Maren]] erroneously refers to multiple {{p|Krabby}} as "Krabbies". However, this error is intentional, as the incorrect form is used as a pun.