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Miyuki continues by discussing the hiatus and the reason why the anime was taken off the air, mentioning that research was conducted into how the incident occurred with the help of doctors, Japanese government officials, and the broadcasting stations. She highlights that the main cause of the issue was a scene where the colors red and blue were rapidly switched at a rate higher than 24 frames per second. She then notes early hypotheses that had been rejected, such as the effect of strong lights. She mentions that the research found that striped or swirling patterns and the color red should be used with care.
The scene then switches to a board with letters, drawings, and postcards from viewers in support of the anime. After focusing on two of the drawings, Miyuki thanks the viewers for the letters of encouragement.
After the scene changes back, Miyuki makes a request for all viewers to watch television at a distance from the screen and in a room that is well lit. The debriefing ends with a shot of the Pokémon around Miyuki.
* The events of ''[[EP034|The Kangaskhan Kid]]'' were referenced in the beginning of this episode.
* In this episode, Ash crashes into a tree. In response, Misty says, "Watch out for that tree", a catchphrase from the ''{{wp|George of the Jungle}}'' universe.
* A short version of ''[[Goodnight, My Pikachu]]'' can be heard in the Japanese version.
* The book ''[[I Choose You!]]'' is partially based on this episode.
* This episode is featured on ''Volume 1: Pikachu'' from [[Viz Media]]'s {{OBP|Pokémon All-Stars|Region 1}} series.
* When the wild Pikachu save the smaller Pikachu and Ash's Pikachu from going over the waterfall, all of the wild Pikachu in the chain have a torn tail. This is a result of the animation studio cycling the animation in order to save time.
** Some care was taken into this scene as only the leader Pikachu has torn ears.
** Later scenes are inconsistent with the number of Pikachu which have torn tails. This could be up for interpretation as the number of Pikachu Team Rocket steals is much greater than depicted in any other scene.
==In other languages==
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