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Chrysanthemum Island

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'''Chrysanthemum Island''' (Japanese: '''ユズリハ島''' ''Yuzuriha Island'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive location in the [[Kanto]] [[region]]. It is located between [[Fuchsia City]] and the [[Seafoam Islands]]. It was referred to as a "sun-and-fun mecca" by the [[narrator]].
[[File:Chrysanthemum Contest Hall.png|thumb|left|220px|Chrysanthemum Contest Hall]]
Among the town's attractions are a [[Contest Hall]] and a resort, which is thought to be a tourist destination. It was first mentioned by [[Lilian Meridian]] in ''[[AG160|Harley Rides Again]]'', when she told May that a [[Pokémon Contest]] was slated to take place in the island.
Using her {{TP|May|Combusken}} against Brianna's {{p|Vibrava}}, May initially had trouble dealing with the {{m|Sand Tomb}} attack. However, after Combusken learned {{m|Mega Kick}}, she was able to make a comeback and win the battle. This victory gave May her third Kanto Ribbon.
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==Pokémon seen on Chrysanthemum Island==
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