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|title_ro=VS Washibon
|chapter=Black & White
After going through what he knows about the [[Pokémon League]] challenge, Cheren doubts whether his parents would allow him to take part in it. Black impatiently responds that it would be a challenge for someone who has yet to attend elementary school. He would have to travel in order to collect the [[Gym]] [[Badge]]s, therefore he would need a convenient excuse to go travelling. Black and Cheren then hear a broadcast on television. Bianca recognizes the face on the TV as the person who lives next door to her: [[Cedric Juniper]], the famous professor of the region. During the broadcast, Juniper confirms that he is working on a [[Pokédex]] which can collect and record information about wild Pokémon. Juniper also declares that he will recruit younger people to do the job for him.
Black sees this as the perfect excuse to go on a journey, and starts to drag Cheren out of Bianca's house in order to ask him for Juniper's whereabouts. Cheren protests, saying that Black would most likely be refused a Pokédex due to his age,. andHe adds that even if he was offered one, an adult would have to be informed about it, which is most likely Bianca's father, who will in turn refuse to let him go on a journey.
Black replies with his understanding, but also voices his worry that he might miss out on selection. Cheren says that it would still be some time before the Pokédex is officially rolled out,. yetHowever, Black says he cannot wait to receive a Pokédex, and his mind starts wandering. At this moment, Bianca steps up and notices that Black may have a better chance of getting selected if he has a Pokémon of his own, thus promises that she will go look for a Pokémon that Black can catch and make his own.
Cheren, knowing that Bianca's idea would only get her in trouble, tries to stop her, but by then she has already wandered into [[Unova Route 1|Route 1]]. While looking around in the tall grass, she treads on something. A wild {{p|Rufflet}} appears, and chases Bianca around the grass, even managing to {{m|pluck}} her hair at times.
|fr_eu={{tt|La jeunesse des héros 1|The Youth of the Heroes 1}}
|de={{tt|VS. Geronimatz - Schicksalhafte Begegnung|VS. Rufflet - Fateful Encounter}}
|it=VS Rufflet - {{tt|Incontro casuale|Fortuitous meeting}}
|ko={{tt|VS 수리둥보|VS Rufflet}}
|pt_br=VS Rufflet - {{tt|Encontro|Encounter}}
|es_eu={{tt|Contra Rufflet|VS Rufflet}}
|vi = VS Washbon - Tình cờ
[[de:Kapitel 502 (Pocket Monsters SPECIAL)]]
[[zh:宝可梦特别篇 第502话]]