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We All Live in a Pokémon World…

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'''We All Live in a Pokémon World…''' was a [[Pokémon]] fansite that came online in 2000. Its initial purpose was dispelling the rumors and accusations brought against [[The Pokémon Company]] by parents, teachers, and special interest groups at the height of the popular interest in the franchise.
The webpage was part of, a group of websites all run by one webmaster who works under the name of Kimberly. AShe teacher atcreated the time,site Kimberlyin created the siteorder to defend the Pokémon franchise by providing specific examples from the Pokémon Games and [[Pokémon anime]]. In 2003, the site became active again as new accusations against Pokémon arose. The font colors on the website are separated by the date that they were added. All of the text in black was part of the original website in 2000, and the text in blue is what has been added since it was revived in 2003.
When Pokémon was at the height of its popularity, Kimberly-, who was a substitute teacher at the time-, had heard several accusations against the Pokémon franchise through the school system and the media. Out of curiosity, she decided to see what all the attention was about. As she continued to explore Pokémon, she discovered her own vested interest, and thought a lot of the criticism towards Pokémon was unjust. As a result, she created aher website defending Pokémon in 2000. In 2003, public controversy caused her to begin to update the website with the latest information on Pokémon and its criticism. The website is still updated to this day.
==Website content==