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==In other languages==
|frzh_cmn=Groupe蛋群 d'Œuf'{{tt|*Dàn Qún|PokédexEgg 3D series}}<br />Groupe Oeuf{{sup/ss|Stad2Group}}''
|defr=Ei-GruppeGroupe d'Œuf{{tt|*|Pokédex 3D series}}<br>Groupe />EigruppierungOeuf{{sup/ss|Stad2}}<!--Stadium 2 formats it as Eigruppierg, but it also writes gruppierung in the option to search Pokémon by Egg Groups, hence the name-->
|de=Ei-Gruppe{{tt|*|Pokédex 3D series}}<br>{{tt|Eigruppierg|Eigruppierung}}{{sup/ss|Stad2}}
|it=Gruppo Uovo
|esko=Grupo de그룹 Huevo''{{tt|*Al Group|PokédexEgg 3D series}}<br />Grupo Huevo{{sup/ss|Stad2Group}}''
|koes=Grupo 그룹de ''Huevo{{tt|Al Geurup*|EggPokédex Group3D series}}''<br>Grupo Huevo{{sup/ss|Stad2}}
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