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|desc=As Bill was reminiscing, the same sound from his memory was heard and a large figure appeared, rising from the ocean. As it came closer, it was revealed to be the outline of a {{p|Dragonite}}. As it came closer to the lighthouse, [[Team Rocket]] was shown scaling the cliff, and upon seeing the {{pkmn2|giant}} Dragonite, they began launching a barrage of missiles at it. This angered Dragonite, and it smashed the top of the lighthouse and began to walk away. Bill called out at it to stay, but to no avail.
In the morning, Bill seemed to be at peace with the fact that he didn't get to learn more about the Pokémon and was simply grateful he got to see it at all. With another life lesson from Bill, the heroes said goodbye and continued on their journey.
None of Dragonite's moves are known.}}
===Voice actors===