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The '''Drowsy Guy''' is a character appearing in the Pokémon Ranger series. He has two {{p|Drowzee}} which help him with his job. He is known as the '''Drowzee Man''' in {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}}.
In {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}} and {{g|Ranger: Shadows of Almia}}, he allows the player to experience once again their most memorable capture. When he does this, he chants a spell while moving his arms around with his Drowzee.
In the first game, he is found in [[Fiore Temple]] just before the screen where [[Gordor]] or {{p|Rayquaza}} can be fought. He allows the player to fight the legendary Pokémon {{p|Raikou}}, {{p|Suicune}} and {{p|Entei}} once again. However, he only allows players to bring three friend Pokémon instead of the full seven.
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