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Drash Berry

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Undo revision 2910846 by Kristak (talk)This Berry has no official name in languages other than Japanese and English
{{BerryPrevNext| prev=Pumkin | next=Eggant}}
|bnum=43 |
|name=Drash |
|jname=ブーカ |
|tmname=Būka |
|image=[[File:TagDrash.png]] |
|size=5.3 |
|sizecm=13.4 |
|firm=Very hard |
|desc=When it ripens, this sweet <sc>Berry</sc> falls and sticks into the ground.|
|d3=<sc><sup>P</sup><sub>O</sub><noinclude><sup>K</sup></sc><sub>é</sub><sc>block</sc> ingredient. Plant in loamy soil to grow a mystery.|
|effect=Cures {{status|Poison}} |
|nameor={{wp|Radish}} |
|basis=Radish |
|filename=Enigma |
|dry=-4 |
|sweet=+4 |
[[es:Baya Drash]]
[[fr:Baie Drash]]