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|epname=Pokémon Red and Green Versions
|desc=[[File:115Kangaskhan.png|right|130px]]{{main|Kangaskhan (Pokémon)}}<br>
Kangaskhan carries around a little blue baby Kangaskhan in their pouch. The baby Kangaskhan lacks the ridges and patches on its mother’smother's body, and its small fangs are not visible outside of its mouth. Even with the advent of {{pkmn|breeding}} and [[baby Pokémon]], the baby Kangaskhan has yet to be made into a separate Pokémon, and as a result, all Kangaskhan are born with a baby already in its pouch. As part of Kangaskhan's [[Mega Evolution]], however, the baby is capable of {{a|Parental Bond|fighting alongside its mother}}.}}
|epname=Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
|desc={{main|Dark Matter}}<br>
Dark Matter is a living lifeform that is trying to send all Pokémon to the [[Voidlands]] and to return the [[{{OBP|Pokémon world (|Mystery Dungeon)|Pokémon world]]}} to the void. It can be fought after clearing [[Tree of Life: Trunk]]. Although Dark Matter is not considered to be a real Pokémon, it can use moves against Pokémon and can give itself a random type.}}
===In the anime===
Unreleased Unown seen on Professor Oak's computer. Due to the introduction of two additional Unown forms in [[Generation III]], some fans have speculated that these may have been very early prototypes for new forms of {{p|Unown}}. Some of the Unown resemble various Greek and Cyrillic letters, namely {{wp|Я}}, {{wp|Ω}}, {{wp|Σ}}, {{wp|б}}, {{wp|Д}}, {{wp|ω}}, {{wp|Pi (letter)|Π}}, and {{wp|σ}}.
File:Unreleased Unown 1.png
File:Unreleased Unown 2.png
File:Unreleased Unown 3.png
File:Unreleased Unown 4.png
|epname=Ring Around the Roserade I
|desc=[[File:483Dialga.png|right|130px]][[File:484Palkia.png|right|120px]]{{main|Dialga (Pokémon)}}<br>{{main|Palkia (Pokémon)}}<br>
In the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}} the statue in [[Eterna City]] is neither Dialga or Palkia but a combination of the two statues. This is a reflection of the statue's appearance in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} and {{game|Platinum}} being ambiguously shaped in order to represent a different member of the duo in each game.
After seeing the two Pokémon for the first time in [[Spear Pillar]], {{adv|Pearl}} theorized that the statue could represent how ancient people saw the two Pokémon fighting inside a distortion of space and time which led them to believe it was one Pokémon.}}
|epname=The Big Battle In The Viridian Forest!!
|desc=This unknown {{type|Bug}} Pokémon was captured by {{OBPPPM|Red|Pocket Monsters}} in ''[[PM002|The Big Battle In The Viridian Forest!!]]''. It was his second Pokémon, after Clefairy. Other than the fact that it is a Bug-type, the only other thing known about this Pokémon is that it is supposedly very weak. It escaped from its Poké Ball in the same chapter.}}