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Canal Ruins

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'''Canal Ruins''' (Japanese: '''カナルのいせき''' ''Canal Ruins'') is a location in {{g|Ranger: Guardian Signs}}.
It is located south of [[Sophian Road]] and east of [[Silver Falls]] on [[Sophian Island]], and is where the [[Player character|player]] finds {{p|Suicune}}'s [[Ranger Sign]], after the [[Pokémon Pinchers{{pkmn|Pinchers]]}} try to capture it and the player calms it. It is always rainy and has a lot of water, as it is the place where Suicune can be found.
{{obliviapkmn|368|Gorebyss|Water|Cut 2}}
{{obliviapkmn|369|Relicanth|Water|Crush 2}}
{{obliviapkmn|456|Finneon|Water|Cut 1}}
{{obliviapkmn/f|489|Phione|Water|Cut 2|yes|After finishing game}}